8 Common Mascara Problems and their Solutions

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Hello everyone,
We all have our favourite makeup products; the products we HAVE TO USE before leaving our homes. I have both kajal and mascara as my favourites. But there are simply so many issues with mascaras and I haven’t found my perfect mascara as of now. No matter how great the product is, it always has certain issues that can annoy us on a daily basis. So, here I am with the solutions to such annoying mascara problems.
8 Common Mascara Problems and their Solutions

Problem #1 – Clumps

We all want volume in our lashes, but there is a clear difference between clumps and volume – no one wants clumps in their mascara!
mascara wand
The solution here is to re-hydrate the mascara. Moisture is the key. To moisten it, add a few drops of an alcohol-based makeup remover and stir with the wand (don’t pump). Now you have a clump- free mascara. If the clumps are still appearing, allow your mascara to dry for a longer period of time in between the coats.

Problem #2 – Smudges under the eyes

No one likes mascara running all over the eyes!

Go for a waterproof mascara or use products which are extremely long-wearing. The Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara is one mascara which we swear by as it’s waterproof. Personally, I don’t like mascaras that are not waterproof as it’s a humid weather here and it rains a lot too.

Problem #3 – Mascara “fall” on your cheeks

Imagine you’ve done your face makeup perfectly and, at the end, you notice tiny black freckles on your cheeks. It’s a complete horror show!
lash primer

It may be that your mascara is dry, if that isn’t the case then the type of mascara being used is the problem. Mascara containing “microfibers” or “lengthening” claims are prone to shedding. Either skip the mascara or use a lash primer underneath.

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Problem #4 – Overly dramatic lower lashes

There is nothing wrong with dramatic lower lashes but when there is too much on your lower lashes, things can look unbalanced.
long eyelashes

Use two different mascaras, one for the upper lashes (which gives more dramatic effect) and another for the lower lashes (which has a thinner formula). Also, remember to apply the mascara first on the upper lashes and then on the lower lashes.

Problem #5 – Expiration dates

The biggest concern for the mascaras is how long we can use the product for without bacteria getting close to our eyes.

When in doubt, throw out the mascara! It has a shelf life of around 3-6 months but if you’re not sure about the product, discard it.

Problem #6 – Won’t come off

We like our makeup when it’s long-lasting but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t come off at all. In this case, the particles may get stuck in our eyes and make them red.
coconut oil

Use an oil-based remover instead of an alcohol-based one. You can also use baby oil or coconut oil. Be gentle with your eyes as it may sting.

Problem #7 – Mascara on glasses

I am not a glasses girl, so I’ll never understand this problem. But our lashes can rub against our glasses and can leave stains on the glasses.

Use a good eyelash curler to curl your lashes so that they don’t touch your glasses. Using a good curler will ensure that your lashes stay curled all day. Remember to use your curler before applying mascara and not after as it will damage your lashes.

Problem #8 – Sensitive eyes

If you have watery eyes and mascara stings your eyes, talk to your doctor. There may be a solution to this and if there isn’t one, rock the no-mascara look with confidence.

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