8 Common Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Efforts Fail

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Before starting our today’s post, I would like to ask you a question. Have you been planning on shedding some extra calories lately? If so, then this post is definitely for you. When we talk about weight loss, the first two things that come to our mind are dieting and workout. Usually, many women assume that 1–2 hours of exercise and skipping meals is the key to weight loss, but sometimes, these methods don’t work. In fact, I have seen people complaining about the failure of their well-planned fitness programs. Interestingly, there are certain aspects that we don’t notice while following a weight loss plan. Here, I have summed up some common reasons that would never let you accomplish your fitness goals.

8 Common Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Efforts Fail1

1. Unrealistic Plans:

It is the first and foremost reason why you are not able to lose weight even after a long span of hard work. As I have already discussed, weight loss encompasses much more than just meal skipping and reckless workout sessions. So, whenever you are on your way to embark your fitness regime, make sure to come up with a realistic plan.

8 Common Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Efforts Fail5

2. Emotional Eating:

Everyone knows that eating chocolates can boost one’s mood, but no one tells you how much does this quick mood boosting technique cost. Moderation in eating is crucial, especially when you are following a weight loss plan. So, next time you hear something exciting and wish to grab your ice cream cup, just distance yourself from the craving and save it for some other time.

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3. Negative Thoughts:

When you start your efforts for losing weight, you are required to ensure that you don’t let any negative thought enter your mind. Certainly, it’s quite natural that people tend to develop a minor doubt on their hard work for weight loss. All you need is some patience and faith in your endeavours.

4. Forced Starvation:

Do not force yourself to stay away from food because doing this can adversely affect your health. As I have already said, dieting is not the definition of starving but, it includes the intake of right food at the right time. You just need to cut the junk food out of your routine and choose the food that you cook at home.

8 Common Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Efforts Fail

5. Anticipation for Quick Results:

I had a friend who joined the gym for losing belly fat and thighs. But, she left it after 15 days because she couldn’t get the results she was yearning for. Should I call it her impatience or desire for quick outcomes? There are no shortcuts to fitness, which you need to take it into consideration before planning to lose weight.

6. Psychological Issues:

I will get this straight to you. Any stress or a state of depression is a threat to your fitness regime. If you are going through a psychological upheaval in your life, it would be hard for you to attain your fitness goals.

8 Common Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Efforts Fail2

7. Continuous Workout without Any Changes:

It is one noticeable thing about weight loss planning that I have personally experienced. If you are willing to get the better results in your desired duration, then variation in exercise is your key. Fitness experts also recommend changing the type of workout every 2–4 weeks.

8 Common Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Efforts Fail4

8. Inactivity throughout the Day:

No matter how much time you spend during your morning workout, your inactivity throughout the entire day may not be a safe option for your weight loss goal. Keep yourself indulged in various activities with equal enthusiasm that you show during a workout.

8 Common Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Efforts Fail3

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, if you are going through any specific medical conditions like diabetes or blood pressure, then you need to seek a proper guidance from your doctor. I am sure if you take care of these things, you will definitely achieve your weight loss goals as per your plans without any possibility of failure.

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