8 Deep Conditioning Rules You Must Follow For Healthy Hair

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A deep conditioner is a must when it comes to reviving the damaged hair. It is formulated to provide intense nourishment and moisture to your hair. If used properly, it can change the look of your hair to a great extent. Thus, here are the 8 rules you must follow to make your deep conditioning treatment work well for your hair. So, here you go.

Deep Conditioning Rules You Must Follow For Healthy Hair

Rule #1: Check the ingredients list:

It is a bad habit to never pay attention to the ingredients list of the products that you are buying. If you are spending money on a product, then read through the ingredients to make sure that the product will work as you want it to. As to let you know, a deep conditioner is nothing without the best conditioning ingredients.

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Rule #2: Use the product as directed:

When it comes to the hair masks or deep conditioners, we use our logics and most of the time do not follow the directions given for use. This is the another mistake we make while using our hair care products. If the product is not used as directed, it will not make much difference. If it is written to leave the product for 10 or 15 minutes, you must do that. Do not go beyond that time as it can over-condition your hair. Similarly, not leaving it for enough time will not condition your hair at all.

Rule#3: Be regular:

Using a deep conditioner once in a blue moon does nothing for your hair. If you start using a deep conditioner, make sure to use it regularly. Maintain a time interval to remember the reapplications. Start using it once a week or once in two weeks. Then, analyse whether your hair becomes limp, remains dry or they appear in the way you wanted them to be. If they are dry, increase the usage; if they are limp, decrease the usage. Besides, if you are getting the desired results, then continue the usage as before.

Rule #4: Focus on ends:

When applying a deep conditioner, try to start from the roots as they are more prone to damage. Many of us completely forget about roots. You can find this in the directions given to use as well. The main reason to start applying from the roots is to give them more time to soak in the deep conditioner. Ends are dry, old, split prone and frizzy which needs special attention, care and extra time for getting soaked in the nourishment.

Rule #5: Do not overdo:

Going overboard with any skin care or hair products only lead to the side effects. The side effect related with the overdoing of a deep conditioner is over conditioning. Over-conditioning can make your hair limp, flat, greasy and super shiny. To protect your hair from getting over conditioned, do not use much amount and do not use it more frequently.

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Rule #6: Use some heat:

Heat plays an important role in the process of deep conditioning. The effect of deep conditioner can be doubled up when provided with heat. You can wear a shower cap and use a blow dryer over it to prevent your hair from getting damaged. You can warm up your deep conditioner in a hot bath as well. Make sure that the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees Celcius. Do not overdo with the warming process as it can damage rather than nourish your hair.

Woman wearing a shower cap

Rule #7: Never multi-task with a deep conditioner:

A deep conditioner is meant to provide intense nourishment to your hair. Multi-tasking with a deep conditioner is not a wise thing to do. A deep conditioner has the tendency to stick over the hair strands and penetrate deep within. If you are going to use a deep conditioner as a co-wash, then it will leave residue and contribute in the build-up. To remove that build-up, you will need to use a clarifying shampoo once in a while. This will only increase your burden and ultimately, you will fall from the track of being a regular user of a deep conditioner. Similarly, deep conditioners are needed to be washed off, so never use them as leave-in conditioners to avoid build-up.

Rule#8: Do not fall for someone’s else hair regimen:

Like everyone’s skin, hair is also different. Every person bears a different hair quality, which demands different attention. If one hair care regimen has worked for someone, that necessarily doesn’t mean that it will work for you as well. Listen to everyone’s advice, but before following it, analyse their hair condition and quality, product description, ingredients, etc. This will help you discover whether someone else’s hair regimen will suit you or not.

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