8 Different Colour Smokey Eyes for Different Occasions

Hi ladies,

Here are some beautiful smokey eyes, that you can definitely try for upcoming festive season. Let’s get started


1. Black Smokey Eyes:


This is the quintessential look for almost every major occasion. Black smokey eyes, seems like will always be in vogue! What’s not to like as black smokey eyes look smouldering hot, mysterious, edgier and what not! Give them a try and see for yourself.

2. Brown Smokey Eyes:


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It is for those, who don’t like the starkness of colour black on their eyes. Brown smokey eyes can be great for everyday look, as they look more natural and wearable than any other colour.

3. Black & brown Smokey Eyes:


This is the perfect amalgamation of brown and black colour. You blend these colours well, to create a look that is more balanced and bolder than brown smokey eyes and at the same time not in your face like black smokey eyes.

4. Purple Smokey Eyes:


Purple shade is so underrated but this colour actually complements so many other shades. This colour is also perfect for fall. You can go for matte purple shades, to create a beautiful fall look for any occasion.

5. Gold smokey eyes:


You need to mix and blend brown and gold eye shadow, to create this look that will be suited for all those Indian beauties, who want to make an impact with their makeup skills, at any major and minor family functions and gatherings.

6. Shimmer Smokey Eyes:


Shimmer and sparkle scream festive, more than any other thing. A touch of bling to your makeup can add such happy and festive vibe to any look. You can create any coloured smokey eyes and just add a bit of shimmer for that ultra glam look.

7. Turquoise Smokey Eyes:


They just look too exotic and so damn pretty. Turquoise shade beautifully brings out your eyes and you can try this look to complement your outfit or to provide a contrast to your outfit.

8. Colourful Smokey Eyes:


This is for all those daring fashionistas, who are not afraid of adding colours to their beauty routine. You can’t go wrong with this one, if you have an inspiration like Rati mam in front of you.

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