8 Different Types of Necklaces That You Can Flaunt

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Jewellery completes your outfit. A simple necklace can take your whole look to another level stylewise. There are different kinds of necklaces available these days. Let’s find out about them!

8 Different Types of Necklaces That You Can Flaunt

1. Rani Haar
rani haar
This type of necklace never fails to give a regal, queen-like look to any lady. This is a very heavy and mostly worn on its own but many ladies also like to add a choker necklace also to their look when wearing a rani haar. The necklace is crafted with many precious and semiprecious gemstones with profuse use of kundan.

2. Multi-layered Chain Necklace
multi-layered necklace
As the name suggests, a multi-layered chain necklace has various stacked up layers of delicate chains. You can add few chains of different sizes to make your own multi-chain necklace. It will easily brighten up any of your dull outfit.

3. Pendant Necklace
pendant necklace
These pendant necklaces are classic and have a timeless look to them. They really stand out if worn with solid coloured tops or blouses. Cute little pendants dangling from delicate looking chains look really elegant and nice.

4. Collar/Bib Necklaces
bib necklace
These necklaces provide so much of sizzling and bling effect to even the most basic tee. These make for a great accessory when worn with off shoulder dresses also. They are designed with various gems, precious stones and pearls.

5. Choker Necklaces
choker necklace
Choker necklaces wrap around your neck as a close-fitting neckpiece. Choker necklaces go well with deep or low-cut neckline or strapless or off-shoulder attire.

6. Mango Haar
mango haar
This is a traditional necklace from down South and is made in pure gold. It has such a luxurious and grand appeal to it. The outer line of the necklace has artistic mango motifs which makes it stand out. This kind of necklace could be short or long. The shorter ones are worn as a single piece but the longer ones can be paired with other necklaces too.

7. Satladaa
satlada and bride
This glorious and majestic piece from Hyderabad comes with seven layers of pearls or gems. This necklace is pretty long and may cover your whole front area from neck to navel.

8. Tassel Necklace
tassel necklace
These fun and quirky necklaces are ideal to sport a bohemian style. You can pair these tassel necklaces with a simple tee or even patterned tops to add depth and personality to your outfit.

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