8 Easy Hairstyles For Extremely Long Hair

I’m sure when it comes to styling your hair, you think long hair are really annoying and are included in one the disadvantages. This world stands strange in different concepts, girls with short hair strive hard to grow them bigger and fuller while girls with long hair soon want to get rid of them. If you belong to clan of girls with extremely long hair, here we bring some easy styling tips that you can carry like a pro. So lasses with extremely tresses, you research ends here – be ready to experiment these super easy hairstyles.

1. Braid Style

Braid hairstyle is a new trend in the market and this suits girls with every length of hair. Girls with extremely long hair, this may take some time to perfect braid but once you have gone through this, braids will look super cool and also save your hair from pollution. Surprisingly, braids help to boost the hair growth.

Long Hair Hair Styles - 1

2. Fishtail Style

Fish tail style is the second option for ladies with extremely long hair. When the volume of the hair is more this becomes extremely difficult to save them from pollution and damage. Also just roaming around with open hair may irritate you and other people in public too. so this hairstyle come into play, which makes your neckline breathe freely and also look good.

Long Hair Hair Styles - 2

3. French Braid Style

There is no other hairstyle that would suit you as good as french braid. French braid looks humble and mesmerizing on girls with long hair. If you are bored out of this style, you can add some bobby pins or ribbons and then weave the braid. This would add fun to the hairstyle.

Long Hair Hair Styles - 3

4. Side Pony Style

No matter if your hair is straight or bouncy, side pony is what suits everyone. Sweep all your hair to one side and secure it with a band or funky accessory. You can finish the hairstyle by using some hair spray.

Long Hair Hair Styles - 4

5. Puff Style

Whether you call it as a puff or poof, this is the best thing to be done for girls with extremely long hair. Securing your hair in a puff using some funky pins looks adorable and trendy too. Although, this is not advised when you are traveling, but surely can opt this for some city walk or get together parties.

Long Hair Hair Styles - 5

6. Messy Bun Style

Why messy? Because you have extremely long hair and if you try styling out the bun, it would take more than an hour. Messy buns are perfect for long hair as it looks sexy, romantic and casual. Always use finger tips to make messy bun so that it looks casual too. Not to forget using an attractive hairpiece.

Long Hair Hair Styles - 6

7. Sleek Knot Style

It is really very easy to get this knot within few minutes even if you have long and very long hair. Put a small pony tail, which should stand low and then coil the hair and secure it with some clips. Finish the look by spraying some hair spray over them.

Long Hair Hair Styles - 7

8. Half Do Style

Half do may look boring, but they really speak volume if you happen you wear them properly. They are easy to be made so you just need to take all the hair and secure some from the front hair line. Use a band to secure them and puff them up so that it speaks volume. Half Do hairstyle can go a long way with your long hair.

Long Hair Hair Styles - 8

So, which one is your pick?

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  1. I am missing my long hair now, but then I hate trying my hair in anyway so that does not matter. Side pony style is my fav here 🙂

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