8 Easy Tips to Winter-Proof Your Makeup Routine

By Neha Ramchandani

Hello ladies

IMBB is an awesome blog, and this article is all about winters and makeup as we need to know some basic and easy tips to carry our makeup flawlessly this winter. Winters are all about loud makeup, dark lips, smoky eyes, dark hues and so on, which make it a perfect time to show our makeup talent. 😉

8 Easy Tips to Winter-Proof Your Makeup Routine5

1. Pre Makeup Care

8 Easy Tips to Winter-Proof Your Makeup Routine2

Winter season usually gives you dry and patchy skin which is not easy to cover up by layers of foundation. So before applying makeup, get in the habit of exfoliating and moisturizing your face and body. Try to do this at least once a week. It’s suggested to exfoliate twice a week, but if you are too busy for that, make sure you use a good scrub ( I prefer St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub). After exfoliating your face, moisturise daily with a moisturizer or a body milk with SPF, cocoa butter, or glycerine in it. And most importantly, stay hydrated from within. Drink lots of water.

2. Bring Some Change in Your Products

We need to change our products according to seasons, and our skin’s reaction to them. In winters, we all tend to have dry and flaky skin, so it’s suggested not to use face washes and cleansers that rip oil off your face. That would make your skin look more dull and dry. If you want to have a well moisturised, soft and supple skin this winter, shift to hydrating products. And also if you have super dry skin, it’s suggested to use cream based primers like the Colorbar one, instead of gel based ones.

3. BB Creams are Your Saviour

8 Easy Tips to Winter-Proof Your Makeup Routine1

Well, I am not a person who gets really dry and flaky skin in winters, but still I prefer to have moisturised and supple skin. Get into the habit of using BB creams as they can moisturise your skin as well as add nice tint with SPF. If you are a big foundation fan, or you cannot go without it, try mixing equal proportions of foundation and moisturizer.

4. Bronzers are Not Just for Summers

Bronzers are a lovely thing as they make your face look thinner and amazingly appealing. And of course they are for winters as well. It’s just that you need lighter shades for bronzing in winters. Try to use a bronzing shade which is just one shade darker than your actual skin color. And you would be all set to go. Another important tip – use a little bronzer on the apples of your cheeks and then apply your favourite blush. This tip makes your blush stay on for longer and also hides dry patches.

5. Heavy Makeup Season

8 Easy Tips to Winter-Proof Your Makeup Routine3

I love winters just because you can shift your lipsticks from pinks to browns to reds to maroons. Move to lipsticks from lip stains, move to glosses from mattes. Don’t forget to get a lip scrubber because lips tend to dry out quickly in winters. Always apply a lip balm before applying a lipstick or a gloss.

6. Reduce Redness

Some people find this winter redness very cute, but it looks cute only on Kareena Kapoor. But for makeup lovers like me, it’s a total mess. So there are special creams and moisturizers to reduce winter redness but the basic tip is to use a color correcting concealer on the red spots of your face.

7. Eye and Lips Makeup

8 Easy Tips to Winter-Proof Your Makeup Routine

As we all know that winters are all about loud makeup, try to go for smoky eye look or cat eye look. Even your favorite winged eye liner is perfect for every look. I am a big fan of dark cherry lips or dark red-maroon lips, specially for winters, so I am definitely going to try that soon. Use water-proof liner and mascara and apply eye shadow on your upper lids only to prevent makeup migration. Avoid using mattes this season as they accentuate dry patches.

8. Do Not Forget Blushes

8 Easy Tips to Winter-Proof Your Makeup Routine4

Blushes are a saviour this season as they bring your washed out face to life. Use blushes according to your outfits, and most importantly your complexion. It’s suggested to use soft peachy blushes for fair complexion. Pink and peach shades are good for warmer skin tones, and if you have darker skin tone then go for terracotta toned blush on the apples of your cheeks. If you have pale skin, use pinks and reds. Avoid using powder blushes in winter as the skin is already flaky and powders create a mess. Instead use cream blushes in this season.

This post is specially for winters, and for girls who love wearing makeup. I hope this was helpful. Girls, do not fear experimenting or playing with your makeup and follow your own rules to create your makeup looks as they best reflect your personality. Stay happy and enjoy the winters. 🙂

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