8 Easy Ways to Get out of a Style Rut

While many IMBBians love trying out the newest beauty and makeup trends, some amongst us shy when it comes to experimenting with their looks. As a result, while their get-up and outfits might look pretty on them, they fall prey to a style rut. Ever noticed how they look the same (na, I don’t mean youthful) in photographs, maybe taken even after a span of five years. Personally, I feel every woman should find her signature style, but should be open to embracing some latest fashion trends. In this post, I will share some tips on how every lady can add some novelty to her outfits to break the monotony.

8 ways to get out of a style rut

1. Get a new haircut

emma stone hairstyles

The easiest and fool-proof way for an instantaneous makeover : a different hair cut. A friend of mine sported waist-length hair for 7-8 years, which she would mostly tie in a bun or braid. Eventually, she decided to uplift her look and chopped off her tresses! She now has a lob with highlights, and looks way younger. While you don’t need to drastically reduce your length, you can add dimension to your haircut by getting layers or bangs which complement your face.

2. Go one shade darker or lighter

I understand it is not possible to color your manes in eye-catching hues. But why not go one shade darker or lighter than your natural hair color? The boring black can give way to beautiful burgundy and give an elegant makeover. Do get professional help before you color your hair.

3. Ditch your regular trousers

pastel blue pants fashion

Many of us are guilty of being a ‘jeans-top’ girl. While they are high on comfort, everyday wearing them might lend a dull touch. Why don’t you experiment with the fit, flare, print and material of your trousers? Instead of your navy or indigo slim fit jeans, try a straight fit pair in icy blue or sea green. Or go for well-fitted trousers in khaki or brown. Not only do they give a mark of a fashion conscious persona, they do not overpower your personality.

4. Time to experiment with cuts

You simply cannot refuse to experiment with silhouettes and colors of your blouses and tops. I know a girl who refused to wear anything other than polo necked and V-necked shirts until she was introduced to peplum tops and Chinese collar shirts. Now she happily wears different types of blouses according to her shape. Given the plethora of options, do get a wardrobe makeover and add some trendy tops in vibrant as well as sober colors.

5. Shoe story

statement shoes

However much it may seem insignificant, slip on a new pair and see the difference it makes! If you wear flats daily, ditch them in favor of wedges with low height. Or try wearing gladiators or peep toes, if stilettos seem a faraway option for you.

6. Eyes don’t lie

We all love our kohls! But day-in and day-out you step out with just a dab of kohl in your eyes, doesn’t it look repetitive? Why not try something different by doing a simple cat eye? Or smudging the kohl for a fuss-free smoky eye? Or, if you want to come out of your shell, try a dark colored liner, like chocolate brown, charcoal or navy blue. People will sit up and take notice, trust me!

7. Lipstick helps…a lot

gorgeous red lipstick

You might love your brown or nude colored lippies. No doubt, they look good in formal environments. But why not play it up when no rules apply? You may not be comfortable in a classic red, but don’t let that deter you from finding sophisticated yet different shades. Depending on whether your skin tone is warm or cool, try corals, pinks or plums for that extra edge to your look.

8. Jewellery tales

Again, studs might be universal, but what harm does it do to occasionally try on danglers or loop earrings? If not anything else, instead of your diamond or crystal studs, choose earrings with semi-precious stones in turquoise, cobalt and amber.

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