8 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Bones

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It is important for everyone, especially women, to build their bones before the age of 30. Once a woman reaches the age of thirty, she tends to lose the balance of bone-building process and her skeleton weakens. Bones are the support system of our body and one needs to be careful about taking extra care to build strong bones. Here is what you need to follow in order to strengthen your bones.

8 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Bones

Include weight-bearing endurance activities

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While you exercise to lose weight or improve your body strength, you can include some weight-bearing endurance activities in your exercise routine in order to strengthen your bones. You can go for activities like tennis, jogging, stair climbing etc. These activities are good for building your bones.

Jump More

Activities like jumping a rope, basketball or simply jumping with a count can help you build good bones. When you jump and land on the ground the impact stimulates the bone growth. Any activity that includes jumping is sure to benefit the bones to develop more.

Increase calcium intake

calcium rich diet for strong bones

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While you think of building stronger bones how can you not talk about calcium? Calcium is the first thing that comes to our mind when we decide to improve our bone health. Make sure you have a lot of it by including calcium-rich foods in your diet like cheese, milk, yoghurt, collard greens, lentils, spinach etc.

Take your vitamin D daily

This supplement helps in the absorption of calcium. The old-fashioned way and source of Vitamin D is sun but not everyone can avail the benefits of sunrays these days. So ensure that you take your daily dose of Vitamin D supplements. You can increase the consumption of foods like egg yolk, tuna, cod liver oil, mushrooms, shrimps etc. too for more Vitamin D.

Lift weights

Training with weights creates a force on your muscles and pulls the bones to strengthen them. For this, you can include some resistance training exercises in your daily routine such as bicep curls and triceps extensions for stronger arms and weighted squats and lunges for stronger legs.

Limit caffeine intake

Caffeine interferes with the absorption of calcium. Some studies have even shown how soft drinks like colas and coffee affect the bone health of women. Caffeinated beverages can be replaced with healthy juices or milkshakes that provide for better bone development.

Include more magnesium in your diet

magnesium rich diet for strong bones

Magnesium is found naturally in your bones. To keep your bones healthy and strong, add magnesium-rich foods to your diet along with calcium. Women require 320 mg of magnesium per day and, to meet the needs, one can include magnesium-rich foods such as avocados, banana, legumes and green leafy vegetables etc.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Create good, healthy habits by making healthy lifestyle choices. Watch out for your alcohol consumption as too much of alcohol consumption can damage bones to a great extent. Try and quit smoking as it reduces the bone mass. Also, exercise regularly, consume a healthy diet and take proper rest.

So, why wait? Give these strategies a go and build stronger bones like never before! Hope this helps.

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