8 Easy Ways to Treat Your Feet Right

By Sheetal Maurya

‘Always wear nice shoes because the first thing people notice about you is your feet.’

So, our feet are a reflection of our personality, but they are the most neglected part of the body. Achieving beautiful feet demands constant care but because of our busy life, we hardly devote any time to it. So, here I am giving you some quick and easy tips which you can simply include in your daily regimen to achieve flawless feet!

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Wear The Right Size of Footwear
8 Easy Ways to Treat Your Feet Right1

Wearing inappropriate shoes or sandal size is the primary reason of foot corns and foot pain.  Always wear shoes that are comfortable. Do not go for one size small just to achieve perfect fit as it can sometimes block your nerves too. Take note of the material and go with the shoes that have soft soles and can properly support your feet while walking. You will not know but tight shoes can distort the toe shape and cause pain. You should have at least two pairs of shoes or sandals. Also, avoid wearing the same shoe every single day.

Avoid Flip – Flops

8 Easy Ways to Treat Your Feet Right6

Flip- flops are trendy and comfortable. But, like sandals and shoes, flip-flops don’t provide that much needed support to your feet while you walk. So, avoid wearing flip- flops as much as you can!

Opt for The Right Walking Posture

8 Easy Ways to Treat Your Feet Right4

Apart from your body posture, you need to take care of your foot posture too. Put your heel first and roll through to your toe. Your heel should always strike the ground first followed by your toes gently flexed upward.

Say Yes to Clean Feet and Footwear

8 Easy Ways to Treat Your Feet Right

Whether just to that nearby shop or to the mall, develop a habit to wash your feet as soon as you reach home (between the toes too) with mild soap. When we go outside our feet accumulates dirt and germs between our toes along that might lead to itching and even blemishes. Do not forget to wipe your feet properly after washing. Always make sure that your footwear are clean and try to wipe them once in a week.

Be Generous with Foot Cream

8 Easy Ways to Treat Your Feet Right5

As feet do not have oil glands, they tend to get dry soon. So, make a habit of applying foot cream regularly after washing your feet as it helps to restore the moisture.

Dedicate Half An Hour to Foot Spa

This is very essential as foot spa relaxes the muscles. Provide at least half an hour of royal treatment to your feet. You do not need to use any expensive products, you can just soak your feet with kitchen ingredients. It hardly takes half an hour to do it. If you do not really have much time then a warm water tub and mild shampoo does the trick.  There are many homemade foot soak ideas on IMBB, choose one of them.

8 Easy Ways to Treat Your Feet Right3

Never Ignore The Health of Those Nails

Take care of your toenails, just like you take care of the nails on your hands. Always remove dirt from your nails. Try to keep foot nails small and make sure they are clipped straight across so that you can reduce the chances of ingrown nails.

Deal with Tanned Feet

8 Easy Ways to Treat Your Feet Right2

Tanning can disrupt the beauty of your feet so make sure you bleach or wax your feet to remove tan. And if you can’t do this, you can simply rub some lemon peels or oranges since they have agents that reduce tan effectively. Also, a homemade scrub never hurt anybody.

These habits are very easy to incorporate in your daily routine and once you start following this tips nobody can stop themselves from saying this famous dialogue from Pakeezah, “Aapke paon dekhe, bahut haseen hai … inhe zameen par mat utaariega … maile ho jayenge!’ 😛

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  1. Ya even I didn’t know about the ill effects of flip flops. I anyway use them only when I am near a beach. I must confess I ignore my feet care. 🙁 Just lemme take a break and get a pedicure. 😀

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