8 Essential Tips Every Girl Should Follow After Hair Straightening

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Today, I would like to talk about the essential tips every girl should follow after hair straightening. Hair straightening has been one of the craziest trends in today’s era and every third girl in the crowd has opted for hair straightening. Girls who have short hair want long hair, girls who have straight hair desire about having curly hair while girls with a little wavy or curly hair desire to opt for hair straightening. If you are the one who has followed the trend of hair straightening, here are few tips you should be following for several months in order to maintain the texture.

8 Essential Tips Every Girl Should Follow After Hair Straightening2

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1. Use Heat Protectants:

Before you opt for hair straightening, you should include the use of hair protectants or a serum. Using heat protectants, serum or a moisturising mask on hair can help to keep your hair smooth and soft and also strengthen the roots. Following this process at least a month before straightening the hair can reduce the damage caused by heat.

8 Essential Tips Every Girl Should Follow After Hair Straightening3

2. Avoid Using Styling Machines:

Once you have straightened the hair, you should avoid using styling machine or hot rods on your tresses. If you are straightening your hair at home, avoid using the machine over wet hair. Styling your wet hair can lead to maximum damage on the tresses and also weaken the hair roots. You should allow your hair to dry under the fan and once it is completely dried, use the machine to straighten them. Make sure they are just 20-25% wet when you do so.

3. Use of Hair Care Serums:

Because the temperature of hair machines goes high up to 180-200 degree celsius, there are high chances that it will destroy the roots as well as the quality of hair. In order to prevent hair damage, make use of haircare serums or hair softener to lessen the effect of all that heat generated by the hair straighteners. You should do this many times in order to maintain the texture of your hair properly.

8 Essential Tips Every Girl Should Follow After Hair Straightening9

4. Massage your Hair:

In order to maintain the texture of your hair, you should massage your hair with a suitable oil at least twice or thrice in a day. Make use of coconut oil, olive oil or any other carrier oil which suits your hair type. Massaging your hair with an oil helps to strengthen the roots of the hair and prevents damage. For better results, massage your hair with hot oil and wrap it with a hot towel and wait for 20-30 minutes. Wash your hair thoroughly after an hour.

8 Essential Tips Every Girl Should Follow After Hair Straightening1

5. Make your Own Hair Mask:

You can make your own protein hair mask at home as it helps in improving the hair quality and hair texture. Make use of mayonnaise, egg, honey, aloe vera etc., to make a hair mask according to your hair type. There are several DIYs available on the internet so, you can pick up the appropriate one according to your hair type.

8 Essential Tips Every Girl Should Follow After Hair Straightening9

6. Proper Conditioning:

Proper conditioning is the key to maintaining straight hair. Not only you should concentrate on using a good conditioner, but, you should also include the use of leave-in conditioners. You should be using a leave-in conditioner on a daily basis so, that you can apply it on your hair after a hair wash.

8 Essential Tips Every Girl Should Follow After Hair Straightening

7. Opt for Hair Spa:

Sometimes just oiling the hair is not enough to restore the lost shine and strength to the hair follicles. Because your hair is exposed to the sun and high level of temperature, it is very important to go for regular spas. Applying a hair serum followed by a hair massage and steam can help to maintain the quality and texture of hair.

8. Regular Trimming:

You should opt for regular trimming while having a straight hair. I don’t have an idea about this but, most people believe that split ends make the hair quality worse by the day and also stand in the way of hair growth. However, split ends also do not look good on well-groomed hair and hence it is better to chop it off. Hence, you should opt for regular trimmings.

8 Essential Tips Every Girl Should Follow After Hair Straightening5

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