8 Eye Makeup Hacks for Beginners

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Today post is going to be all about eye makeup and eyebrows tips and tricks. I hope these tips and tricks help you guys on day to day basis with your eyes and eyebrows.

8 Eye Makeup Hacks for Beginners

1. How to lift and define eyebrows:

8 Eye Makeup Hacks for Beginners

This trick will make you instantly look younger. Yes, it will, trust me! For this you will need a concealer brush and a concealer. Now dab your brush in concealer and Start on the top of your brows, make sure your face is relax and look into the mirror, lay your brush flat and just go around the shape of your eyebrow. Make sure to follow the line of your natural eyebrow shape, repeat the same at the bottom of the eyebrow, make sure to connect the ends and then blend the concealer out. It gives more lift and open up your eyes. Also, remember to set that concealer with some loose powder.

2. How to make your eyes appear bigger:

8 Eye Makeup Hacks for Beginners

This trick is really quite simple, all you need is either a white eye pencil or a nude eye pencil, either one will work totally fine. Starting with the white pencil, this gives more drastic change, just apply this on to your water line and it instantly makes your eyes appear larger and bigger. The nude one will give a natural open eyes, since it will not be as visible as the white one.

3. Tape to help guide eyeliner and/or eyeshadow:

For this all you need is a tape; I prefer a scotch tape as it’s not as tacky as the rest tape and before applying to eyes just stick and remove once at the back of your hand, so that it has not as sticky as it was. Place it right underneath your lower lash line and line it with your eyebrow, it should be right below the eyebrow. Now blend your eyeshadow and apply winged liner without any mistake. It gives that sharp v shape to the eyeshadow and a sharp edge to the liner as well.

4. How to make eyes appear brighter, wider and more awake:

8 Eye Makeup Hacks for Beginners

Did anyone ever tell you that you were their sunshine? Doesn’t matter because this trick will make you their sunshine as it will make you look so bright. For this you will need a bright eyeshadow (mac nylon) and a tiny eyeshadow brush. Take the brush and dip in the eyeshadow and start applying it into your inner corner of the eye and don’t forget to bring it into your bottom inner corner section as well, basically you are just highlighting your inner corner. This will make your eyes look wider and more awake. Now take the same brush with the same eyeshadow or some glittery eyeshadow and put it in the centre of your lid and the last step is to highlight your brow bone, this make so much of a difference. All three together will just make your eyes look brighter, awake and make them pop.

5. How to fix uneven winged eyeliner:

For this trick, you need a flat concealer brush and a concealer. Now take the brush with the concealer on and just and just start applying it gently from the outer corner to the wing and just blend out the excess. Once your concealer is blended, take some translucent powder on the same brush and set that concealer in place.

6. How to coat lower lash line with mascara without the clean-up:


We all have had that disastrous moment, when we applied or moved the mascara wand, it applied all over our eyes and we had lot of clean up to do. It is a really simple step to make your life a little bit easier , all you need is a business card. Place the card right underneath your bottom eyelashes and apply the mascara. This trick prevents clumping up the eyelashes, as well and you don’t have any clean-up to do.

7. How to fix up uneven eyeliner:

So, let’s say you are applying your eyeliner on the top lash line and one side is thicker or uneven or more messy than the other side and you don’t have time to start over again, then this trick is for you. All you need is a metallic darker shade; I like a grey shade but you can also use a brown shade (mac moondust) and you also need a small smudger brush. Take some eyeshadow on the brush and start from the outer corner, all you need to do is start smudging the eyeliner. This will create a softer smokey look.

8. How to get the most colour pay off and vibrancy from your eyeshadow:


For this you need a primer (Nyx jumbo pencil in milk). Just apply the white liner all over the lid and slightly blend out the edges and apply your shadow, this will make them pop and make them look brighter than without using a primer.

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