8 Facial Treatments to Soothe Your Skin During Summers

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Summer is not just a season! With the increasing temperature and intensity of UV exposure, it has become a nightmare for our skin. Adding to the misery is the high levels of pollution which make our skin even worse. With the scorching sun reaching our skin and the heat making our sweat glands go crazy, it becomes a part of the routine to find a soothing treatment for our skin. In such a condition, not every facial work and most of the body care treatments end up making our skin even more sensitive to the sun. So today, I have brought the much-needed list of facials and beauty treatments which can help in soothing your skin and also help in improving your immunity to fight against the effects of sun exposure. The cool thing is, you can do most of them from the comfort of your home.

8 Facial Treatments to Soothe Your Skin During Summers8

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1. Kiwi Facial:

Kiwi is an abundant source of Vitamin E, C, K, B, potassium and many other nutrients. Being a rich source of antioxidants, Kiwi is a one step solution for most of the skin problems. It is an amazing fruit if you choose to take it down your throat, but it is even a better option if you apply it on your skin. This nutrient-dense fruit is a blessing to your skin, especially in the summer season.
This is what a kiwi mask aims to give your skin:
• A natural beauty treatment which is free from chemicals.
• Plenty of hydration.
• Helps to fight the formation of free radicals.
• Restores the glow.
• Soothes the skin(both tanned and untanned).

8 Facial Treatments to Soothe Your Skin During Summers

2. Mint – Strawberry Facial:

There is no denying to the fact that nothing beats mint in inducing freshness. Whether we choose to include it in salads, drink it with juices or apply it as facials, the coolness quotient of mint is always high irrespective of the ingredient we mix it with. Imagine if it is combined with something as sweet and refreshing as a strawberry! The fantastic coupling of mint and strawberry is a total solution to the skin burns caused by excessive sun exposure.
Here is what this facial can give your skin:
• A cooling effect to your skin.
• Rejuvenated skin.
• A comeback of glow.
• Hydration.
• Infusion of Vitamin C.
• Anti-pigmentation.
• Deep-cleanser.

3. Strawberry – Mojito Facial:

This facial is one the most sought after facials across the world during the summers. There is no risk in this facial as both the ingredients are mild, so it can be used on the most robust skin types and also on the most sensitive ones. While strawberry infuses nutrients with a feeling of supple skin, mojito ensures the freshness.
This is what you can expect to extract from it:
• An unparalleled soothing effect especially on the facial skin.
• Provides an abundance of freshness to your skin.
• The calming effect of mint soothes your skin.
• Works great on any skin type.
• Helps in depuffing.
• Oxygenates the area of skin on which it is applied.
• Rich in Vitamin C.

8 Facial Treatments to Soothe Your Skin During Summers9

4. Passion Fruit and Chocolate Facial:

As Passion fruit is known to be a rich source of beta-carotene, it is a boon for sensitive skin types. It is an extremely well-known source of antioxidants and is enriched with Vitamin A, C, iron, potassium, magnesium etc. This facial uses chocolate as a mixing base to provide a texture which is thick enough to hold the pulp of passion fruit keeping its properties intact. This makes the passion fruit and chocolate facial a totally natural treatment.
This facial has a long list of benefits, some of them are:
• Rich in Vitamin C and A.
• Nourishes the skin.
• Abundant peptides.
• Works best for providing firmness.
• Anti-redness.
• Oxygenates the pores and surface alike.
• Deep cleanser.
• Hydrates thoroughly.

8 Facial Treatments to Soothe Your Skin During Summers2

5. Avocado Facial:

Avocados are more than a blessing to our health when they are eaten in salads, but are even more rewarding when they are applied to our skin. Avocados are an unrivalled king of the world of antioxidants. Being an abundant source of fatty acids and vitamins, which are much needed for improving the complexion of your skin, these help in providing an even tone to your skin naturally!
Here is what Avocado facial has in store for you:
• Treats flaky patches on the skin.
• Softens the skin.
• Provides ample amount of hydration.
• Have the capacity of penetrating into the pores.
• Deep cleanser.
• Long lasting hydration.
• Suitable to be applied directly on the skin.
• Suits almost all skin types.
• Prevents allergies.

8 Facial Treatments to Soothe Your Skin During Summers3

6. Bearberry Facial:

Bearberries are known for a natural compound found in them called arbutin. It majorly helps in controlling skin pigmentation and discolouring. The natural bleaching action of bearberries needs no introduction. It is the most sought after ingredients which are used widely in spa treatments and skin soothing beauty regimes. It is mostly combined with wheat germ and apricots while giving facials for achieving extraordinary results. People with dry skin should use it with the help of an expert.
This is what your skin derives from a bearberry facial:
• Natural beauty treatment.
• A cooling action on the skin.
• Reduced pigmentation.
• Deep cleansing.
• Immunity to skin irritations.
• Oil control.
• Moisturization.

8 Facial Treatments to Soothe Your Skin During Summers1

7. Orange – Saffron Facial:

This is a facial which serves the need of cleansing the skin and keep it glowing. While the Orange, which is rich in Vitamin C, is most effective in cleansing action, Saffron contributes in keeping the skin bright. It helps in treating the clogged pores really well. Some skin types have a natural inclination for trapped pores which results in excessive acne, pimples and wrinkles. This facial is a perfect solution to these skin problems.
Here is what to expect from this facial:
• Skin cleansing.
• Nourishes the skin.
• Cleansing of pores.
• Fights signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles etc.
• Reduces clogging of pores.
• Infuses freshness.
• Improves complexion.
• Prevents free radicals.
• Restores the glow.

8 Facial Treatments to Soothe Your Skin During Summers4

8. Papaya Facial:

Summer season just does not bring heat and sunburns, it brings increased oiliness, inviting more acne and pimples. Papaya is the best resort to fighting this double-trouble of the summers. While Papaya works simultaneously in cleansing and restoring the glow, it proves beneficial for brightening your skin.
Here is what this facial offers your skin:
• Reduces acne and pimples.
• Brightens the skin.
• Improves the complexion.
• Soothing to senses.
• Treats signs of ageing.
• Fades skin spots.
• Hydrates intensely.
• Reduces wrinkles.

8 Facial Treatments to Soothe Your Skin During Summers6

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