8 Fantastic Winter Care Tips

The best winter beauty tips

Those of you up North must be freezing in this cold wave that’s been sweeping that part of this country of late. Strangely enough, I’m jealous! I’ve always loved winter for the awesome possibilities it offers in fashion, and those lovely nights with my family, having hot soup and curling up in our razais but Bangalore seems to not want any winter this year!
With winter comes the need for a lot more care for your skin and beauty routine. Here’s some of the best winter beauty tips for you to abide by!

1. Moisturize like there’s no tomorrow: The chilling winds have a tendency to be cruel to skin – if you have dry skin like me that’ll leave your skin flaky and chapped, and when skin gets stretched when it’s dry it can hurt and can chap further. Make sure you apply a rich moisturizer on your face at least twice a day.

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2. Conditions to condition: The cold weather conditions can also sap moisture from your hair – so make sure you use a deep moisturizing mask or leave-in conditioner twice a week to keep your locks silky smooth and lively even in the gloomy winter.

winter care tips

3. Party a little less hard: Christmas, New Year and these weeks following both are always full of parties and celebrations, but try and avoid too much of alcohol intake and never sleep with your makeup on. You’ll regret it when you end up with tired skin and eyes and blocked pores.

4. Wrap it up: If you need to be outdoors when there’s icy cold winds or snow, depending on where you are, make sure that you keep your face covered too. Wrap a bright coloured woolen muffler around your face as much as you can to prevent redness and chapping. Hands tend to dry easily too, so don’t leave your gloves behind.

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5. Sunscreen – Use it: While you hardly see any sunshine during the winter, it’s important to know that the sun’s rays still do filter through the clouds. Hence, it’s always important to wear sunscreen with a medium SPF. You could mix a spot of sunscreen with your moisturizer or foundation so that your skin stays protected.

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6. Body care: If you’re anything like me, you’d feel lazy to wax or shave during winter but then remind yourself of how good it feels to have smooth skin. Always use a rich moisturizer afterward, and also after you shower – that’s the best time to let it sink into your skin and nourish it.

7. Care for your lips: Lips tend to be the worst casualty of winters – the freezing cold tends to make lips dry, flaky and unpleasant. Use lip balm religiously everyday, and don’t lick your lips – that makes them dry out even more. If you like wearing lipstick, use a moisturizing lip balm as a base.

winter care tips for lips

8. Freshen it up: A mask and a scrub are as important in winter as in summer, to slough off dead skin cells and brighten your skin, keeping it fresh and healthy. Use a hydrating mask so that it doesn’t dry up your skin.

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  1. Great tips Nandini.. I’ve been using a sunblock whenever I go out even though there’s no sun to be seen but I know its lurking behind the clouds.

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