8 Foods to Avoid during Busy Bridal Shopping

How are you all doing? In my previous article, I wrote about all the beauty foods that you should include in your diet before your wedding to get that beautiful glowing skin and healthy hair. However in the times of busy bridal shopping and running around, what becomes more important is what NOT to eat to prevent bloating, weight gain, skin issues and more. So here is a list of things you should avoid eating before your wedding.

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It might seem oh-so-tempting to quickly grab a burger and fries when you are out shopping or on-the-go. But it would do no good to your skin or to your belly. Since fatty foods slow digestion down, you’ll be left feeling a little tighter around the waist once the sugar high is long gone. And, going for fittings with a bloated tummy isn’t a good idea. These types of foods can also cause your blood sugar to spike, which can lead to sugar cravings levels and negatively affect energy levels.

Leave the beans alone


Nobody wants to be a bloated bride and nor do we want to be full of fat. Therefore it is best to leave the beans – baked or boiled – alone. As we all know, beans often lead to gas and acidity in most people. To keep gas levels down before the big day, choose better protein sources like chicken or fish instead.

Don’t go for artificial sweeteners

A coke zero or coffee with sugar-free might make you feel like you are doing the best thing for your waist and weight, but think twice! Sugar alcohol, which is commonly found in diet soda and other “sugar free” foods, is hard to digest; hence, it leads to bloating and discomfort. Your will feel more energised, your weight will remain under check and your skin will glow on your wedding day if you give up this food group.

Don’t be cheesy


Cheese might be your stress-busting food but do you really need it in the run up to your wedding? If cheese is your weakness, stick to varieties with a lower salt content, like mozzarella, Swiss or goat. Remember, you can cut down on many calories by skipping cheese.

Keep coffee consumption under check

Sure you have lots to be done and coffee gets you going. However, that daily late night and evening cup of coffee run is not only messing with your sleep, it’s also making you acidic, which can puff up your belly. Not to mention, it can lead to skin troubles too. So ditch your coffee and start drinking green tea. It will help you lose weight while adding beauty to your skin.

Go less salty

That packet of chips, that extra salt in the fries – these factors can ruin the perfect fitting of your wedding dress. Salt will cause the maximum water retention in your body. Salty foods are a definite no on the days leading up to your wedding. Since sodium causes you to retain water, try to stay under 2,300 mg per day.

Replace whites with browns


You’ve heard this before and you hear it again. Avoid having refined carbohydrates at all costs before your wedding. Simple carbs like white bread, white pasta and white rice should be replaced with the respective brown varieties. This will help shedding your water weight, keep you fuller for longer and prevent bloating.

Say no to aerated drinks

When you are running around shopping here and there, a bottle of diet soda or cola might seem like an immediate solution to cure that thirst, but do you really want to do that to your body? Soda, sparkling water, champagne and everything that bubbles should be avoided. Those bubbles that give drinks that special fizz are doing the same thing to your body. By releasing all that carbon dioxide, you’re left feeling gassy and bloated all at once.

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