8 Golden Rules of Skin Cleansing

By Nida Rasheed

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A clean face leads to healthy skin. It is very important to cleanse your skin properly to reap the maximum benefits of skin cleansing. Here I am going to point out few necessary rules of skin cleansing.

8 Golden Rules of Skin Cleansing

Take care of skin’s delicacy

Take special care of your skin’s delicacy or fragility while cleansing your skin. Cleanse your skin softly and carefully. The skin around your eyes is more sensitive and thin as compared to the rest of the face. Always clean your eye makeup with a good quality makeup remover. You can also opt for olive oil as it acts as an excellent eye makeup remover.

Know your skin

best face wash for oily skin

Know your skin and its type. Before using any cleanser make sure it is according to your skin type and will suit your skin. There is a huge variety of cleansers available in the market according to different skin types (eg. oily, dry, combination, sensitive). So choose wisely according to your skin type.

Love your skin

You can take good care of your skin only if you start loving your skin. Always wash your skin with moderate temperature water. Never wash your face with water that’s too hot as it robs the essential moisture of the skin, making your skin dry and damaged.

Cleanse completely

Whether you are washing your face with a cleanser or using a cleansing milk, massage your face gently with the cleanser for at least a minute. Make sure you’re covering your whole face while cleansing. You can repeat the process in case of heavy makeup.

Cleanse softly

Always cleanse your face with soft hands. Do not apply too much pressure or stretch your skin hard. Never rub your skin with a towel after washing. Pat dry your face with a clean towel.

Tone your skin

skin toner for all skin types

After cleansing always tone your skin with a good quality toner. Rose water is the best natural toner. Toning is essential to maintain the pH level of your skin. Toning helps in closing the open pores. So, never skip toning.

Cleanse your skin like an expert

Scrub your skin once or twice a week to slough off the dead skin cells. The surface layer of dead skin cells blocks the cleanser and moisturiser from seeping into the skin. So, in order to reap the maximum benefits of cleansing and moisturising, scrub off the dead skin cells weekly. You can also use skin peels for this purpose.

Provide the required nourishment to your skin

nourishing face pack

After washing and toning, moisturise your skin. Choose a good quality moisturiser according to your skin type. Moisturisation is very important for the health and glow of your skin. Pamper your skin weekly with a nourishing face pack to provide added nourishment.

So, beautiful ladies, always keep these points in your mind while cleansing your skin and get maximum benefits. Following these rules will lead to a healthy, glowing and problem-free skin. Stay healthy and stay beautiful. Hope you liked my article.

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