8 Habits That Can Make Your Hair Fall

Hello ladies,

Today my post is regarding habits that can make your hair fall. Every women has to face different phases in their life and one much disturbing phase is when you start losing your hair. This can be when you reach your 40’s or even at you 20’s, you have no clue when may suffer from hair loss due to variety of reasons. 4 out of 5 women face hair crises atleast once in their life, excessive and untold hair loss can be disturbing and worrying you. Besides your hormonal changes and hereditary blessings, there are many other habits that you may be frequently practicing without knowing you may end up losing your precious hair.


1. Stress


Any type of emotional stress, trauma, harassment, accident, financial crisis can be one of the reasons for your hair loss. When you are stressed, your body does not function properly and is not able to provide nourishment to your hair well which eventually makes them fall. Stress victims can reduce their tension by Practicing yoga or meditation. Take to your close one or your psychiatrist which will help you to overcome your stress.

2. Over use of chemical shampoo


When it comes to using shampoo, you should use it alternately or after every two days. Usually Ladies with oily scalp have a habit to shampoo their hair every day. No, this is not done, if you think your scalp gets oily every often, dust some baby powder which will help to soak the excessive oil. Chemical based Shampoo can be harsh on your hair and may be the cause of hair damage. Application of shampoo on hair should not be direct; it should be diluted with small proportion of water and then applied to your hair.

3. Styling frequently


Girls I totally understand your need to style your hair for parties, outings, dates to make it a memorable one. But trust me, styling do affect your hair to a great extent. Styling your hair makes them weaker. If you think your hair is brittle and week already, avoid styling your hair. Various hot metaled machines are used to style your hair, but have you ever thought about the health of your hair. Styling does nothing good to your hair, expect make you look gorgeous for few days than leave you with week and fragile hair. Do not style your hair frequently, instead go for simple and good hairstyle.

4. Combing your hair when wet.


Almost of us have this bad habit of combing hair when wet, right? When your hair is wet the roots are more weak and prone to be pulled down easily by your comb. Brushing your hair is one of the harsh actions you take especially when you hair is tangled. Wait till your hair has completely dried and then proceed with Brushing your hair.

5. Wrong comb8-Habits-That-Can-Make-Your-Hair-Fall-4

If you can wait combing till your hair dries up, use a wide tooth comb to comb them. This will not be harsh on your hair and cause less damage. If you have curly hair, you need wider brush. If you want to use your regular close tooth brush, wait for some time till your hair dries completely.

6. Lack/excess intake of Vitamin A


If you are suffering from hair loss, It is always suggested to increase the intake of food with Vitamin A . Lack of vitamin A can cause hair loss and excessive intake of Vitamin A can also trigger Hair loss. So there should always be a balanced intake of vitamins in your body.

7. Excess use of blow dryer.


Yes, excess use of blow dryer can damage your hair because of much heat. If you want to dry your hair fast, you should wait until 70% of your hair dries up. Concentrating blower on a particular section of hair can make your hair weaker and loose. No matter how fast you want to rush, never use hair dryer on your wet hair. Avoid excessive use of it.

8. Too tight pony tail


Pony tail should always be loose, as tight pony tails can break your hair strand. This is a temporary problem which may worsen after few months or years. Also remember do not tie plastic or rigid rubber bands which may suffocate your pony tail.

If you are repeating any of the above crimes, stop it by now itself and Save your hair.
Hope this post is useful to you.

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