8 Hairstyles With Saree For Farewell Party

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The farewell party season is all set to begin in colleges and it is time to put your best foot forward in terms of fashion and style. Most girls wear ethnic, especially saree during this time. But many of us are confused as to which hairstyle to sport with a saree. During farewell parties, you need to rock the minimalistic look. You should not go overboard and to help you with that we are here with some of the best hairstyles you could try with your saree for farewell parties:

1. Keep It Loose:

This is the easiest hairstyle. Just keep it loose and free-flowing. And with this hairstyle, you need not worry about your hair length. Even bob cut ladies can sport this look with ease.

Keep It Loose

2. Half Clutch:

Half clutch hairstyles are the simplest hairstyles to pair with your saree. Simply take some of your hair and tuck them into a stylish hairpin. This will be another easy peasy hairstyle to wear with saree on farewell parties.

Half Clutch

3. Ponytail:

The ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for a no-fuss look. If you are tired of too many flyways and baby hair on your forehead then simply tie your hair into a simple ponytail. This will be easy to carry and look quite trendy and stylish with your saree.


4. Bun:

The bun is another stylish look for your saree. With the bun, you can create a number of variations.
Either go for a loose and low hanging bun or go with a tight and sleek bun. This will look great with your saree and with a bun you can easily dance and chill the whole night without worrying about your hairstyle getting damaged.


5. Bubble Braid:

This is a stylish way of showing off your long hair at a farewell party. This is a braided hairstyle. Take half your hair and make a ponytail at the back. First, make a simple pony and then tie it with at least three elastic hair bands. Now, make a normal braid in front. This will look very similar to the picture given below.

Bubble Braid

6. Fishtail Braid:

Puff your hair at the front and then form braids as usual. Once you are done with the braid then just pull your hair lightly. This will give the look of a beautiful hairstyle. This looks great with voluminous hair.

Fishtail Braid

7. Puff Hairstyle:

The puffed hairstyle is the perfect way to glam up your hair. It looks extremely stylish and this gives a fuller look to your hair. And it goes perfectly well with an ethnic look on farewell parties.

Puff Hairstyle

8. Messy Hairstyle:

A messy hairstyle is very stylish and trendy and will pair superbly with your saree. This looks very trendy and is very easy to sport. And messy hairstyles are in trend these days. It will add a perfect fusion look to your saree.

Messy Hair

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