8 Hot Beach Fashion Trends for Summer 2012

Sand n’ Surf!

Today I am writing about the latest, super hot beach trends!

I haven’t been on a vacation for the longest time and I envy all of you who are planning on going for some ’sand and surf vaca’ this summer. But keeping my envious feelings aside, I decided to share some of my favourite things to wear to look uber stylish at the beach. Here are some of my hot picks for the season!

1. Bikinis!
Picking the perfect bikini can be tricky. Make sure the style you choose suits your body type and you are comfortable in it. Bright colours and interesting prints look great on the beach. Don’t forget to be confident and to wear a smile!

Summer bikinis

2. Swimsuits
Swimsuits have a 70’s vibe to them and are fun to wear. Also, they can hide what you are not too keen on flaunting to the world. With the plethora of style options available, swimsuits can be your staple beachwear.

asos swim suits

3. Cover ups
Summer dresses, kaftans and short shorts make great cover ups to team with your swimsuits or bikinis. Here are some of my favourite pieces!

cover ups

4. Sunglasses
Sunglasses are a must on the beach. Go for rocker – chic aviators, huge – framed retro shades or candy coloured ones which pop. There are perfect sunglasses for each one out there! All you have to do is look and pick wisely!


5. Bag it
Ofcourse, going to the beach requires a lot of preparation. You need to carry a sunblock, a towel,your cover – up and a gazillion other things. So carry a trendy bag, make it a part of your outfit and make it as stylish as possible. There are plenty of styles to choose from. Totes and satchels and hobos! Whatever sails your boat!

summer bags

6. Foot Fetish
Just because you are going to the beach does not mean chappals and flip – flops are your only options. I love to pair my beachwear with sky – high wedges and interesting gladiator style sandals. Its summer and you are at a beach! So do not be shy of colour. Experiment with bright neons and colourful pastels, this is one place where you cannot go wrong. Have fun with accessories and pick out styles and colours which are away from your comfort zone. Vacations are after all, the time to reinvent yourself and take chances. So brighten up!

summer shoes

7. For your hands
Why should accessories be left behind? Cuffs and rings add a great touch to beach outfits. Oversized metallic cuffs look good with almost everything. They are versatile, you can team them with a summer dress or pair them with your shorts and a bikini top! Oversized rings add a glam element to an outfit. Wear one or stack up a few on your fingers to feel like a diva!

summer rings

8. Hats
An easy and stylish way to protect your face from the sun! Invest in a chic hat! You can go for a short brim or a wide one, a cute one that flops or a tasteful stiff one. Once again, choose according to your personality!

summer hats


Not everybody may be able to afford these designer beauties, but don’t lose hope. There are plenty of similar styles available with a smaller price tag at Asos, Romwe, Aldo, Forever New and Zara. Remember to keep your accessories clear of the salty water because when you want to dive in, all you need is your itsy – bitsy bikini! Don’t forget to apply lots of sunblock! Another quick tip would be to get a bright coloured mani – pedi before you hit the ocean. So shop away and hope you look super trendy and chic for your fun –filled exotic vacation!

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17 thoughts on “8 Hot Beach Fashion Trends for Summer 2012

  1. I’m off to Pondicherry for some surfing, scuba diving and a beach vacation! Can’t wait, great tips! Thanks Rhea 🙂
    And I love your name 🙂

  2. Love this post, and this season’s bikini trends! Too bad it’s hard to wear them in India 🙁 people stare even if a girl’s wearing shorts, but I hope to wear one in Goa or if I go to Thailand 😀

  3. I love wearing floppy hats… they are such a saviour. and ofcourse sunglasses and rest of the stuff. 😀 And those bikinis and swim suits are soo gorgeous. Wish i’d wear them as easily. 🙂

    great post rhea 🙂

  4. It was a treat to the eye to see the spread of vibrant colours. You have very nicely taken all the aspects of beach wear into consideration. Wish I was younger….:P

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