8 Ingredients That Scare Your Skin

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By Gurmeet Kaur

Hey everyone,

We all care for our skin to the best possible levels, and yet it falls victim to infections, allergies and what not! Do you agree? Sadly, most of us would agree to it. Although today, the entire female fraternity is more aware and careful about the quality of skin care products they use but, still our delicate skin somehow can hardly avoid getting affected. Do you want to know how we get tricked and buy the products with malicious contents? These are the harmful elements which stealthily creep into our lives and makes it difficult for us to maintain a flawless healthy skin.

8 Ingredients That Scare Your Skin3

Read on and find out!

1. Save Yourself from Synthetic Colours:

Millions of cosmetic products contain a list of chemicals which are not only harsh on the skin but also, are carcinogenic! Yes, ladies, you read it right, they tend to cause cancer in the long run. As the synthetic colours are derived from coal tar and petroleum, the skin care products containing synthetic colors affect the person according to their age groups. For instance, younger age groups may develop ADHD, elder age groups may catch severe allergies.

8 Ingredients That Scare Your Skin1

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2. Perilous Parabens:

Just like nutrients seep into our skin on being applied, toxins also follow the same rule and find a way to seep underneath our skin, worse, even deeper. Parabens are largely a constituent in shampoos, skin lotions, facial kits, scrubs and conditioners. So, next time, if a brand gives you an excessive discount or a beauty salon offers you a cheaper facial massage offer, don’t fall prey to discounts and pay it with your health.

3. Disguised Lead:

Lead crept into cosmetics, long back in time and is still used in cosmetic products. Lead is most commonly known to be used in lipsticks and lip color gels. Gone are those days! It is now used in everyday grooming products like hair dyes etc. It becomes difficult to shield yourself from this injurious chemical as it is not directly added, rather it is a part of the manufacturing process.

8 Ingredients That Scare Your Skin2

4. Silicon Additions:

Usually while craving for softer products, we tend to ignore the fact that we should check what makes a product have this quality. Silicon based products are a double curse as they block the pores of the skin, prevent it from free breathing and cause irritation. Pores blocked over a long period of time with silicon trapped in them may even turn into tumours!

5. Tricky Talcum Powders:

Though the function of talcum powder is to soothe irritated skin, but sometimes due to adulterated contents, these powders cause the irritation instead. Such contaminated powders find their home in other powdery products like eyeshadows or blushes, they come in direct contact with skin and doom the bearer’s beauty with medical issues like respiratory disorders.

8 Ingredients That Scare Your Skin5

6. Cheap-dupes Temptations:

Are you more than often tempted to go for inexpensive makeup products that are sold in street markets or flea stalls? DO NOT!! These alternatives may cost you less for a short time, but are sure to get you a long list of medicine prescription from a dermatologist! Choose wisely. Using few products of high quality is worth more than a million duplicates.

8 Ingredients That Scare Your Skin

7. Mica Mishappenings!

Mica is a mineral dust, as it exists in powder form. It is an easy to use adulterant for powder based cosmetics. The cake foundations, blushes, eye shadow palettes, etc. You can easily spot it in the extra shimmery skin and body care products. Imagine this same powder is used as a filler in cement and asphalt industry. Needless to say, do I have to explain more Ladies?

8. Acetone Anomaly:

Do you find yourself choosing an ordinary nail polish remover than going for a good quality one just to cut down on your bill? Usually, a lot of women are misguided by the notion that nails are hard and not as sensitive as skin, so it is okay to use low-quality products. NO! Every chemical that comes in contact with our nails seeps down into our skin through the surrounding skin pores and cause organ toxicity and especially, pose a great risk to pregnant women. Wasn’t it quite a necessary revelation? On your next haul, choose the products wisely.

8 Ingredients That Scare Your Skin4

All my fellow pretty ladies, I think we all would agree that healthy skin speaks for itself when you see it in the mirror. If we use too much makeup products, it should only add to our personality not cost us our health.
Stay healthy, stay gorgeous!

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