8 Lazy Girl’s Beauty Hacks You Gotta Try Right Now

This is my first post for IMBB and I am very excited. I have some amazing tips to share with you all today. I have been experimenting with makeup and beauty creams for a long time, and I have noticed a few things like if you are too lazy or if you are on a budget, then you can most certainly replace most beauty products with the inexpensive ones. In this article, I will give you some beauty hacks for the lazy girls and those, who are on a budget.

8 Lazy Girl's Beauty Hack You Gotta Try Right Now

1. Make Your Foundation for Every Season:

If you have a matte foundation that does not work for you during the seasons when your skin feels dry, then simply mix your foundation with a hydrating moisturizer. Make sure the cream is not sticky and dries smooth. Some creams can feel patchy on the skin, so find a hydrating cream that suits your skin the best. Simply mix a little cream with your required amount of foundation and you are good to go.

2. Use Your Lip Liner in 5 Ways:

8 Lazy Girl's Beauty Hack You Gotta Try Right Now 2

In case you forgot to pack few things while travelling, but you have a creamy, smooth, brown lip liner then you can use that for contour lines (use a little amount of it), as an eyeliner if you are doing a brown or natural look (use it on the top lashes), as a brow filler and obviously, as a lip liner. If you have a white or nude colored lip liner, then you can use it as a eyeshadow primer. This will make the color pop and your eyeshadow is not going to go anywhere.

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3. Use Natural Light to Check:

If you want a full coverage look and you do not want any spots to be seen, then check your face in the natural sun light. Simply go near your window, terrace, garden or any place that has maximum natural light, to check in your mirror that which spots you have missed out.

4. Reshape Your Eyebrows:

8 Lazy Girl's Beauty Hack You Gotta Try Right Now 3

In case you are planning a Halloween look or simply want to reshape your entire brows (if they are too thin), then use glue, pick a safe and natural glue stick. Stick all hair together with the glue, cover it with a full coverage concealer and you can reshape your eyebrows.

5. Make Your Lipstick Last Long:

We always worry about the low budget liquid lipsticks that if it would smudge and fade out. Put two coats of lipstick and cover your lips with a tissue paper. Now, dust some translucent powder on top and your lipstick is not going anywhere for 6 hours at least. Also, if the lipstick smudges outside the lip area, then use a concealer with a Q-tip to cover up and make sure to set the concealer with a powder.

6. Setting Spray Alternative:

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If you have a hydrating spray, then you can use that instead of a setting spray. Also, if you have an organic and natural hairspray, then you can use that as a makeup setting spray.

7. Use Eyeshadows in Many Ways:

A matte eyeshadow work wonders. If you have a brown, natural, matte eyeshadow, then you can contour and bronze your face with it, apart from using it as an eyeshadow. If you have a whitish glittering one, then you can highlight with the same eyeshadow and contour your lips too.

8. Get Plumped Lips at Home:

8 Lazy Girl's Beauty Hack You Gotta Try Right Now 5

Last but not the least, you can simply mix cinnamon with any lip balm and make your own lip plumper at home. Simply take little petroleum jelly or take some lip balm from the stick and mix little cinnamon powder in it.

So, stop wasting too much on buying several products, when you have these hacks. I hope these tips help you out. Until next time…

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