8 Makeup Habits That Can Make You Sick

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We all love makeup. We don’t mind spending hours in front of the mirror applying makeup to achieve a flawless look. But did you know some of our makeup habits can actually be bad for us and can make us sick? Let’s find out about them.

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1. Sharing makeup

women sharing makeup

Don’t give in to the temptation of that bright lippie your best friend is wearing. Sharing makeup would do you more harm than good. Do you want to contract cold sores and contagious skin infections? Obviously not! Then why put our skin to such torture? No matter how friendly you are with the person, sharing makeup is a no-no.

2. Using old and expired makeup products

I know it is hard to part ways from that $ 20 mascara and that foundation that actually matches your skin that you bought 2 years ago. But, using a particular makeup product over a long period of time comes with not-so-pretty consequences. You should know when to discard your beauty products.

3. Using dirty makeup brushes

makeup brushes

Most of the times, in the hurry to apply makeup, makeup brushes are just used over and over again without being cleaned and washed properly. Some of us are just too lazy to wash those used brushes, which are excellent to harbour dirty bacteria and infections. This habit can lead to acne and various other skin infections.

4. Sleeping with your makeup still on

We all have had plenty of days in our lives when we are just too exhausted to even wash our face. We all know the cons of sleeping with makeup on. It will clog your pores making it acne prone, will give you dull face in the morning. Also, imagine the tossing and turning with makeup on your face; result- stained pillows and bed sheet.

5. Fixation with lash extensions

eyelash extension

Not everyone is blessed with luscious eyelashes. Some of us tend to think about getting eyelash extensions which could actually be the worst idea possible. The glue that is used in extensions contains formaldehyde, which can irritate the eyes and could cause various eye infections. You could lose your lash hair if the extensions used are too heavy, and if they are not glued properly.

6. Applying eyeliner to your waterline

applying eyeliner

Applying eyeliner on your inner eye rims or behind your lash line can lead to clogged oil glands and eye infections as our eyes have their own set of natural bacteria. By using eyeliners, we introduce foreign bacteria into them making our eyes prone to infections.

7. Too much exfoliation

We all know too much exfoliation can be quite harmful to the skin; using too abrasive scrubs can break blood vessels or cause irritation in the form of breakouts, dryness or redness. So always exfoliate according to your skin type and use mild scrubs if you have sensitive skin.

8. Forgetting SPF


Applying sunscreen is an absolute necessity for everyone’s health. Sunscreens will save your skin from those harsh sun rays, prevent tanning, sunburns and aging of the skin. Not to forget, the risk of skin cancer because of overexposure to harmful sun rays.

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