8 Mistakes Smart Women Never Make at Workplace

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Nowadays, approximately 80 % to 90 % women living in a metro city are working. Thus, the workplace has now become a general part of our lives or we can call it ‘the second home’. To maintain goodwill, smart and successful women avoid some mistakes at workplace.


1. Unnecessary backbiting and gossip – this is the biggest mistake people usually make at the workplace. There is a saying by Anna Godbersen, “Gossip is just a tool to distract people who have nothing better to do from feeling jealous of those few of us still remaining with noble hearts”. Success and enhancement are one of the most possible outcomes of positivity and focus. Evil or noble? The choice is yours.


2. Refusal for new tasks – here in this point I am going to share my own experience. I was assigned a research project which was completely new for me. I accepted the assignment (though I was shocked and scared) and started working over the project. The management appreciated my confidence for accepting the new task. I got the promotion and became the head of that project within seven days. So always avoid denying new assignments, because the knowledge comes from experience.

3. Showing indecency or over-relieved behaviour – do you feel anxious by looking at “10:30” on your phone screen while on the way to office? If you do not feel so, you are probably making a mistake that smart women never do. Successful women responsibly accept and apologize even for minor mistakes.

4. Wardrobe issues – your dressing sense is being noticed at work; no matter what your job profile is. Office wardrobe is not restricted to just knee length pencil dresses and black-&-white suits. All you need is to look elegant, comfortable and confident in your clothes. Ignore any sort of wardrobe malfunction at workplace.


5. Using phone (too much) during working hours – urgent calls are supposed to be for maximum five minutes. Moreover, every organization has its own rules regarding the usage of phones during working hours. Make a habit to give a wide berth to unnecessary calls because apparently, we know and understand the urgency of any call.

6. Keeping the work desk scattered and unmanageable – some people think that a scattered table is the sign of being busy. It is a sheer myth. Orderliness should be in your behavior as management skills are appraised at workplace.


7. Making excuses for incomplete tasks – first of all, always make a brief plan to accomplish the task before deadline. Along with this, if you fail to meet the deadlines, never make excuses for this. As I have mentioned above, accept and apologize for it if you do not have any genuine reason to discuss in front of the boss.

8. Ignoring headshots/avatars – for any official profile such as a Google account, company email id, LinkedIn or any other id, you must have a decent headshot image (commonly known as avatar) so that the person who is connected online can recognize you easily.

These tips once implemented will definitely result in exciting experiences at workplace.

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