8 Most-Used Beauty Products and the Gross Ingredients Used in Them

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Today’s article is about finding out the worst ingredients used in your favorite beauty products. But, before starting, I would like to thank Rati and Sanjeev Ji for creating this mammoth beauty blog. 🙂 We get all the information about beauty products, but today I am going to inform you about some gross ingredients you could be using.

9 Most-Used Beauty Products and the Gross Ingredients Used in Them

1. Sunscreens

This is the main product that we tend to use throughout the year and you would be shocked to know that the gross ingredient involved in many of the sunscreens is mink oil. According to cosmetologists, the fat that is derived from the back of a mink are conditioning agents and so they are used in many sunscreens and also in some of the shaving creams.

2. Lipsticks


This is my favorite makeup product and I always love to buy lipsticks. You would be shocked to know that cactus juice is derived from an insect known beetles. This is used in making red dye that is mixed in lipsticks for a darker red shade. Studies have shown that this red dye mixed with cactus juice is also used in some of the blushes. Not every brand uses these gross ingredients though.

3. Synthetic Perfume Base

Perfumes are every woman’s best friend. There is a famous quote that “ No woman is perfectly dressed without a perfume.” How true it is! Many women use synthetic perfume base that are readily available in the market and help to make the fragrance of the perfume last longer. Well, there is a waste material known as ambergris, which is found in the digestive system of whales,  used in most of the fixative perfume base. The good news here is that many of the high end brands have stopped using this ingredient, but many still do use this.

4. Eyeshadows


We all fall for the eye shadows whether they come in palettes, quads or in singles. But you must know what is the gross ingredient in your favorite eye shadow. Your favorite eye shadow brand might not use these ingredients, but many do. The dogs you see on the highways and roads that get killed by cars and trucks are taken to a lab. After that, they are boiled to get the byproducts like animal fat and fatty acids which are used as an emollient in many cosmetics like lipsticks and eye shadows. They work as conditioning agents in cosmetics.

5. Anti-Aging Creams

A snail’s secretions are used in almost all of the anti-ageing creams available in the market. These secretions are of huge benefits like they can increase your skin’s softness and smoothness, and are also considered absolutely safe. Women above 30 tend to use anti-ageing creams daily for making their skin wrinkle free and to slow down the ageing process. But, knowing this fact that snail secretions are used in their favorite product is kind of a shock.

6. Moisturizers


During winters, the best selling products are mainly red lipsticks, moisturizers and lip balms that are used by one and all. But let me tell you that your favorite moisturizers are made with chicken bone marrow. This is used as an anti-inflammatory agent for topical skin care treatment. Though most of the brands are against using chicken bone marrow for moisturizers, you never know which brand is using it.

7. Deodorants

Deodorants, talcum powder and loose makeup setting powder are out best friends during summers. But, this is a little shocking to know that all of these three products mainly contain “diatomaceous earth”, which is a component used in making dynamite. Not necessarily used in all deodorants or so but this is such an ache to know that the component used in making dynamite is the same component used in making our beloved products.

8. Conditioners


Many of the hair conditioners that are quite famous in market for the quality they provide are made up of a gross ingredient – simethicone, which is used in making of gas relief medicines. This is used in conditioners so that they can tame your frizz. Due to the use of this chemical, your conditioner gives you that slick feeling after every wash.

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  1. In the US, most soaps and some bodywashes contain tallow (usually beef tallow). It is not really beneficial for the skin but is used because it is cheap (byproduct of the meat industry). Also, I vaguely recall some brands (including good ones) use caviar in their products.

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