8 Must-Have Lingerie Accessories!

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Recently, I went shopping for my personal items. While I was at the store, my eyes shifted to a section called Accessories! And I came across few which are must haves in your wardrobe for any time in the year and for any occasion.

8 Must-Have Lingerie Accessories!

1. Clip-on camisole
If you have deep neck tops and do not want to reveal, this is a dream product. It has 2 straps at the end which you clip onto the straps of your bra and it gives you a coverage.
clip-on cami

2. Bra clip
I tried the paper clip for turning a normal bra to a racerback one but there were some problems and so I just bought a bra clip. It is easier to wear and keeps the strap in place. You can also use them in the front for concealing your straps when you wear a halter neck and your strapless bra is thrown for a wash!
bra clip

3. Strap cushions
Even though there are tons of articles that tell how to select a bra, I always end up with one issue or the other and most of the times it is tight straps. I bought strap cushions long time ago and they have never let me down and have saved me from my bra straps that dig deep into my skin.
strap cushion

4. Low back converter
This is a real hack and the person who invented it is a genius. You just hook it to one end of the bra and bring it around your tummy and hook to the other one and the result is amazing. I do not have any low back dresses, my friend does and she has tons of these belts!
low back converter

5. No-show nipple pasties
Like the name tells, it is used to conceal your nipples. You can just stick them on and leave it or wear them inside your thin material bras or when you are not in a mood to wear a bra!

6. Bra straps
Well, few of us are not shy to show that we wear bras! Even though it is not a secret, some people go bananas when someone tells them their strap is peeping out! If you are not one of those, then invest in some good bra straps, from wired, transparent ones to glittery, colored, rhinestones and everything!

selena gomez
7. Pantyhose
I always keep a black and nude hose matching my skin tone and this has come as a savior when I haven’t waxed my legs or have very small hair or when sometimes I have razor bumps. Invest in a good one and you’ll find that it not only covers your panty line but also trims up and gives shape to your legs and stomach.

8. Stick-on bra
These are needed if you want to go strapless, low back, or with plunging necklines and are not comfortable with nipple pasties. These bras are made of silicone and they also give a push.

Let me know if you have come across any other accessory that you found helpful!

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