8 Must-Know Tips for Parting Your Hair Right

By Chanchala Bose

Hi dearies,

Parting your hair is extremely important. And, you won’t believe this but parting your hair right will take off years from your face. It will instantly make you look much younger and also will glam up your look in a jiffy. So, let’s get started!


1. Determine the shape of your face

This is a very important point. Your parting should be as per your face shape. For example, round face should have a deep or middle parting whereas oval face and long faces should go for side partings. Heart shaped face should go for off centre parting which will take care of your wide forehead. Square shaped face should go for side parting which will prevent the angles and give a softer look to your face.

2. Consider your facial features


If you feel that one side of your face looks better than the other, then side your hair on that side. Another trick is that if your nose is slightly pointed in one direction then the parting should be in the opposite direction.

3. Decide about your ultimate look

Now, this step is about deciding your final look. If you are looking to go with some formal look then middle parting is great with straight hair and a bit of curl at the bottom. Also, if you are looking for the natural but sexy look then side parting looks great. Such parting gives an ‘out of the bed’ look which still looks great and stylish. And finally, if you are blessed with flat hair then go for zig zag hair style. This will look perfect for any hair style and will give a perfectly stylish, fun, young and peppy look.

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4. Begin with freshly washed hair


Begin with freshly washed hair. Oil your hair, leave it overnight and then wash your hair with a nice SLS free shampoo for best results.

5. Use a tail comb

A tail comb is the perfect too to part your hair right. This comb helps you achieve a more precise look and sets your hair in place too.

6. Use your fingers to style your hair

Use your fingers to set your hair. This trick makes the hair look more natural and also keeps hair in place.

7. Stock up on bobby pins


Use bobby pins to hold the parting. If you want to secure your parting then make sure that you use bobby pins. These pins will give you a more polished look.

8. Don’t forget your hairspray

Finish off with a hairspray. Don’t forget to spray some hairspray so that your parting stays in place for a longer time.

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  1. Great tips. After years of experimenting between clock wise and anti clock wise direction, I finally realized what suits me. What you said is true that the right parting takes years off your face !

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