8 Not-So-Good Effects of Roll-On Deodorants That We Should Be Aware Of!

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How is the wedding season going on for you all? Mine is just going boring with no weddings to attend. But I am really excited for a friend’s wedding over the coming weekend! This is that time of the year when we usually don’t sweat until we engage in some heavy workout. I like that in this weather just a light perfume is enough and you can miss on the deodorant.

Effects of Roll On Deodorants that we should be aware of1

Today let’s talk about deodorants. Almost all of us use deos as they help in subsiding body odour caused by bacterial breakdown of perspiration. Anti-perspirant deodorants decrease the production of sweat by blocking the pores.

Effects of Roll On Deodorants that we should be aware of2

There are spray deodorants and roll-on deodorants available in the market over the counter.
Roll-on deodorants are applied in the underarm area or neckline using a rolling application. Most of them contain alcohol or a stronger anti-bacterial agent called triclosan. A lot of research has been going on whether roll-ons are safe to be used.

Below are some effects of roll-ons you should be aware of before buying one:
1. They contain estrogenic compounds which may lead to overgrowth of breast tissue and can cause breast cancer.
2. Roll-ons contain parabens. We all are well aware of the effects of parabens on our health and skin if used frequently.
3. Sometimes they contain ingredients which cause redness and skin irritation as these ingredients come in direct contact with our sensitive skin.
4. They cause underarm skin to turn dark.
5. Rashes are a common effect of using roll-ons.
6. The alcohol content in some of the roll-on deodorants can cause a burning sensation when applied to skin.

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Effects of Roll On Deodorants that we should be aware of-stick

7. The stick roll-ons contain anti-perspiring agents that block the pores. High usage of the anti-perspiring ingredient aluminium can damage the DNA and affect the sweat glands adversely.
8. They cause dryness, itchiness and flakiness of skin. The alcohol present in the roll-on causes this dryness.

I wouldn’t say that we should stop using roll-on deodorants. But we need to be careful while buying one. You can look for organic or natural roll-on deodorants that are available these days in the market. Personally, I am not a big fan of roll-ons. And after getting to know about the side effects of spray deodorants on the environment, I like to stick to perfumes and smell good!

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