8 Personal Goals Every Woman Should Set for Herself

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How’s life going on? We often fall off track and when we do, getting back on track is difficult if we don’t have a plan of action. Also, goals help us measure ourselves. For example, if I am trying to go healthy, I need to measure myself in regular intervals to ensure we are on the right track. We need to push ourselves to strive. Here are a few targets we should all set. Let’s get working ladies!

8 Personal Goals Every Woman Should Set for Herself

1. Savings
managing finances

Every woman should set up a savings account and save a portion of the salary every month. This can act as an emergency fund for sudden repairs and can also be a security blanket if you lose your job. Spend wisely!

2. Don’t have debt
Pay your credit card bills every month. They shouldn’t keep piling up from month to month. Manage your money well. Nowadays there are so many apps which can help you do so. Gone are the days when you have to write everything down in a notebook. So it’s much simpler and quick!

3. Choose a career
Work to your heart’s desire. Working keeps your mind healthy and choose a career which you love. If you’re not too sure about the career path you’ve chosen, seek professional help. They may be able to guide you.

4. Learn to cook
woman learning to cook

Learn to cook at least one meal to perfection. Have the ability to throw dinner parties at your house and let your guests be happy about the food you’ve served. Of course we can’t all be Julia Child, but we can sure try our best. Also, cooking as a hobby has a calming effect.

5. Be happy alone
Learn to be happy alone. No man can make you happy, you’ve to learn to be happy yourself. It’s incredibly difficult. Learn to spend time alone and enjoy it. Rejoice in it. Read. Watch movies. Listen to great music. Dance it out! But nothing is better than a good book. Even the best man on the planet cannot replace that.

6. Live healthy
Eat to live. We all have special favorite treats. Have them, but in moderation. Prepare a diet and stick to it. Make small goals. And once you are on this journey of healthy eating, nothing will feel better.

7. Try new things
woman parasailing

This is something we all love doing. Try something new. Start small. Eat something new off the menu from your favorite restaurant or try a new cuisine. Get a makeover. Change your hairstyle. Try bangs. I know what’s going to be my new thing this week! I am a little excited. 😀

8. Keep cool in an argument
I think I am getting angrier with age. While arguing, I just start losing my cool. I have taken it upon me to keep my calm from now on. I really want to be able to argue with my head in one place. My goal is one month from now.

Let’s work on ourselves and make our lives a little better.

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