8 Proven Beauty Benefits of Quinoa

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Quinoa is a very popular plant among people who prefer natural ways of taking care of their skin and beauty. Using minimal chemical is a considerable way of reducing exposure of skin to the world of synthetic products. Quinoa is quite popular in Asia. Not only does this natural blessing work wonders for health but it also cleanses and nourishes the skin. It is consumed in large quantities, especially during the time of Navratri. It is used primarily for its high protein content and beauty benefits. Do you want to know how to make it work for your skin? Read on and find out!

Skin Brightening

Quinoa is extremely rich in vitamin B, making it a perfect source of skin brightening agent. It not only brightens the skin but also adds to the texture of the skin. The best part is one can eat and apply it at the same time. Making the skin bright becomes chemical free and feasible by using this natural product. The high nutritional content present in quinoa makes the skin look bright and fresh for a long time.
This is what quinoa does for your skin:
• brightens the skin
• rejuvenates the skin
lightens the complexion
• improves the tone of the skin

Skin Cleansing

As the natural texture of quinoa is granular, it works wonders in exfoliating the skin. It suits the sensitive skin of the face as well as the whole body. It is usually mixed with other skin-benefiting natural ingredients to be made into a skin mask or a face pack to make it easier to apply. The granular texture cleanses the skin by the action of rubbing and massaging.
This is how you can use it:
• in the form of a face mask
• as a part of a face scrub
• as a constituent of a face pack


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Being a rich source of antioxidants quinoa works best for the skin. It is extremely rich in collagen and hence is known to reduce the minor signs of ageing. The best part about using quinoa as an anti ageing supplement is that it can be applied as well as consumed. While including it in diet treats the body from within, applying it benefits the skin directly.
This is what it does:
• reduces wrinkles
• fights signs of ageing like fine lines
• prevents skin from loosening
• delays sagging of facial skin

Acne Reduction

Quinoa is a blessing for people suffering from acne. Whether it is minor acne or severe acne, using quinoa not only soothes the skin but also cleans and heals it.
Here are the changes you can see:
• reduces the production of sebum
• treats acne
• heals the skin affected by acne
• prevents the clustering of oil on skin

Hair Nourishment

As a rich source of protein, quinoa is proved to be an enriching natural product for hair. It nourishes the hair by inducing strength into the hair follicles.
This is how quinoa benefits our beautiful mane:
• improves the texture of hair
• adds strength to hair
• helps in reducing hair fall

Recovering Damaged Skin

The world knows quinoa as the skin healer as it has the capability of healing damaged tissues. Rich in lysine, it helps the body to synthesise new tissues and heal the old ones simultaneously.
This is how it helps us:
• helps people recovering from surgeries
• acts as a healer to old tissues
• boosts the making of new skin cells
• repairs damaged body tissues
• helps in treating scars

Preserves Pigmentation

While the world is trying to discover various ways to control melanin, nature has gifted us quinoa already to take charge of melanin levels of the skin.
This is how it helps us:
• reduces brown spots
• decreases pigmentation naturally
• prevents clustering of melanin-forming spots
• lightens the tone of the skin

Overall Body Purifier

The high content of fibre in quinoa makes it capable of cleansing the entire body. It has numerous ways of making our body purified.
This is what it does:
• removes toxins from the body
• helps in improving digestion
• catalyses the absorption of nutrients
• enriches the body with nutrients such as much-needed amino acids

So, ladies, it’s time to take this miraculous food out from the kitchen and use it in your skin care regime. Keep glowing, fellas!

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