8 Quick Fixes for Grey Hair

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Greying hair can be a major problem for ageing women. Normally, people use hair dyes regularly in six to eight weeks, but grey hair can show up in a week or two. In this case, colouring your entire hair in just two weeks might prove to be damaging and harassing. Here are a few quick ways to get rid of the grey coloured hair.

8 Quick Fixes for Grey Hair

1. Root touch-up

root touch up

There are products which allow you to only dye your roots. They come with various accessories which can help you colour your roots precisely. My mother uses henna religiously and I’ve rarely seen her apply it on her complete hair. She colours her roots once in 10-15 days.

2. Brew a pot of coffee

Coffee can work well to give your hair some colour in between colouring periods. Pour a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a gallon of brewed, cooled pot of coffee. Pour this mixture over your hair about 10 times and wring it out to remove the excess liquid. Leave this mixture on for about 10-15 minutes before you rinse it. The drawback of this method is that it doesn’t impart colour immediately. It’ll require multiple washes with this mixture.

3. Hair powders

hair powder to cover grey roots

Everyone has definitely heard of dry powders that add volume to hair. This powder is also used by men to hide thinning hair. The same powder can be used to cover grey hair. These work especially well for women who are looking to cover their roots. The advantage of this method is that it does not require any planning, can be done anywhere, and it’s best for emergencies.

4. Colouring sticks

These colouring sticks consist of wax and colourant. It can be applied on the hair. It should be used judiciously because if used too much it can make the hair look clumpy and fake, especially in sunlight. It can only be used as an emergency product, for a day or two, in low light.

5. Hairstyles

hairstyle to hide gray hair

If you do not have time at all for any colouring method, there are various hairstyles that can hide the discoloured hair. Braids close to the head, such as French braids, can hide the grey hair. Back brushing you hair can also give the illusion of coloured hair.

6. Tweeze them out

I think we have all heard that if you pluck one grey hair, 3-4 more will come to its funeral. It’s completely false. One hair follicle can only grow only one hair. However, plucking can make your hair grow out at weird angles, which may make it stick out even more than usual.

7. Change your diet

diet changes for healthy hair

In the long run, changing your diet is a must if you wish to avoid grey hair. Copper, folate and Vitamin B12 can really provide your body with the adequate nutrients. So stock up your pantry with leafy vegetables, beans, grapes and poultry.

8. Lifestyle change

There are things like cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, stress etc which may result in excessive grey hair. Eliminate these from your regular life to avoid premature greying of hair. Switch to healthy drinks, like green tea, which have high amount of antioxidants. Also, reduce the increased stress by exercising regularly.

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  1. hey these r very helpful. i have to color my hair every 3 weeks. the Loreal one, is that available in India? if not, my sister is visiting from the US next month and has been bugging me to death about what she can get me so I can tell her this one..can you give me an approx price as well?


    1. I haven’t published the pictures. But I think it will be available. For now you can ask your sister to get it, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find it in those wholesale markets in India. Also, if you go to the wholesale markets, it’ll be really cheap.
      I hope it helps.

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