8 Reasons Why Getting Older Is Actually the Best

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How many of us girls out there don’t dread getting old and think this is the best time of our life? Well I am one of them for sure! For all those girls out there who still have doubt, here are a few reasons why getting older is actually not so bad.

8 Reasons Why Getting Older Is Actually the Best

1. You are (hopefully!) wiser

You must have had thousand mistakes by now in your life. You have made them, you have learnt from them and moved on with your life! Now you can weigh the pros and cons of a situation really well and can easily make the best of everything in every situation.

2. You’re at peace with yourself

at peace
No more own body shaming! You have grown to become comfortable in your own skin and your own little quirks and habits. You no longer criticize yourself for trivial matters. You don’t just do stuff to impress someone anymore. You do them because you want to do them.

3. You take better care of yourself

Your 20s were for binge eating without any worries but as you are getting older, you know the importance of eating healthy! You reach out for healthy foods, try to incorporate a bit of exercise in your routine and you definitely feel better and can take care of yourself really well now.

4. You’re financially more secure

financially secure
You have a decent paying job and can handle all your expenses just enough! You are financially sound now because you did all the hard work in your young age to make your future secure.

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5. You’re better at relationships and dealing with your emotions

After being heartbroken several times and making a mess of yourself, you have become a pro at handling relationships. You can deal with your emotions in a mature way now. You surely take care of yourself but you are also capable of taking care of people around you.

6. You realize looks aren’t everything

Your younger self had so much pressure to look a certain way and act a certain way. But this is not the case anymore. Over the years, you have acquired your own style of clothing and you are quite content and happy with the way you look.

7. You have more stable friendships

Your young age was mostly about short-term friendships and fickle relationships. At your age now, most of your friends are married with kids and you know for sure who you would call when you want a cocktail at an unearthly hour or when you just need to lean on to someone for support.

8. You appreciate time more

You don’t waste your time and energy on petty issues; you know what is more important and work towards achieving that! You have grown to realise that life is precious no matter what.

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