8 Reasons why Shoes are a Girl’s Best Friend

Shoes are an integral part of dressing up. Sometimes, a great pair of shoes is enough to take your drab outfit to fab in no time. Needless to say, shoes are truly a girl’s best friends. Here are a few reasons backing my claim. 😛
8 Reasons why Shoes are a Girl’s Best Friend

They complete your outfits beautifully

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So you are all dressed up but still feeling like something is missing? Well, that missing something is your best friend, the shoes. Shoes have the power to complete your outfits rather beautifully if you are going for the right pair!

They make you feel confident when no one else can

Your favourite pair of shoes can increase your confidence many folds. It could be your beloved ballerinas or oh-so-snazzy towering heels. No matter what kind they are, you know you can always count on them to make you feel better about yourself.

You have so many options that you’re never disappointed

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What was the count when you last counted your shoes? Oh, you have lost the count as you have so many! Most of them are just sitting pretty on the shelves and have never been worn. You pick your shoes based on your mood and according to the outfit out of endless options available.

You can find your perfect match

In today’s not-so-perfect world, finding a good pair of shoes is definitely not a hard task. You can get them in all kinds of colours, designs, heels and shapes. Everything in your life may not be perfect but your shoes can be!

They never let you down

A perfect pair of shoes will always be at your side and will never let you down. You can walk around in them all day long or dance the night away in them; they will always have your back (in this case, your feet!).

They will be at your service always

You can leave them hanging around in your closet for days, weeks or months, but whenever you want to them on again, they will be at your service and just the same as you left them last time.

There is a shoe for every body

sneakers outfit
While there may not be a best friend for everybody but there are sneakers, heels, ballerinas, gladiators, kitten heels, platforms or pumps for you to choose from! Whether you are a sneaker person or a heel person, there is a perfect shoe for you that will complement your personality and style beautifully.

You fight, but you’ll always love them

A new pair of heels might have their downsides like an occasional blister or some pain from walking in them for too long, but you still can never get enough of them. You still love the shoes that injured you because you know they didn’t mean to hurt you. 😛

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  1. Vandana that was an interesting post.I love my shoes and I can shop for them endlessly.I have a very small foot size so whenever I get my size at any shop I usually pick up 3-4 pair as finding my size is quiet a task.I totally agree that shoes can lift up any dull.and boring dress.Well written post dear.????

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