8 Sneaky Reasons that Cause Under Eye Bags and Puffy Eyes

Considerably a high number of ladies suffer from dark circles, puffy eyes or under eye bags. Though lack of sleep is the major reason, it’s not the only reason. So, why else do your eyes look tired all the time? Why do you have under eyes bags and why do your eyes become puffy? Let’s read on to know more.

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You don’t sleep well

The appearance of under eye bags or puffiness is mainly because of not getting a good night’s sleep. When you do not get adequate sleep, your body starts retaining fluids in certain areas and prevent them from flushing out. This leads to the appearance of prominent under eye bags or puffiness. Besides, lack of sleep also contributes to the appearance of the dark circles. The only solution to this is to have a 7 to 8 hours of beauty sleep every night.

You’ve reduced weight rapidly

When you lose weight rapidly, your facial skin starts to lose its volume at a faster rate as well. Rapid weight loss disrupts the smooth transition, making your skin droopy. If you have successfully reduced significant weight in a short span of time, then this could be one of the reasons behind your under eye bags. In such cases, a cold compress can treat the under eye bags easily if you want instant relief.

You consume excessive salt

Consumption of excessive salt leads to water retention in your body. If you suffer from puffy eyes or under eye bags, cut down your sodium intake; even your healthiest roasted snacks could be contributing sodium in your diet. The intake of salt is directly related to dehydration of the body. When you consume excessive salt, your body starts retaining water and you wake up with puffy eyes or under eye bags. Similarly, alcohol consumption and smoking also lead to puffy eyes.

You have an allergy

Certain allergies can make your eyes look puffy. Puffy eyes or under eye bags you get from an allergy are accompanied by redness of the eye and even itching. During an allergic reaction, dark circles may also appear. You must visit a doctor in such cases and keep your medicines handy.

You do not cleanse your face thoroughly

If you do not wash your face properly, then the residues of shampoo, conditioner or even facial cleansers can lead to itching and inflammation, which is known as eyelid dermatitis. When the residue gets trapped in between your eyelashes, it leads to itching. Continuous rubbing of the eyelids leads to prominent under eye bags and puffiness. Make sure you always wash off your shampoo, conditioner and facial cleanser well to avoid puffy eyes.

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Your hormonal levels fluctuate

Due to fluctuation of hormones in your body, you tend to retain more water. In the starting of the menstrual cycle, your body retains water, which could make your eyes look puffy. Similarly, expect such puffiness if you have some other hormonal issues.

It’s hereditary

Like many other hereditary conditions, under eye bags or puffy eyes could also be passed on through the generations. Since home remedies do not work on hereditary conditions, you can go for some other dermatologist recommended treatments.

Your under eye skin retains water

If you are not keeping your body adequately hydrated or having a proper diet, then it starts to retain water to keep certain areas hydrated. The same could be the case with your under eye skin. It can also be caused by excessive sodium or alcohol intake. Besides, stress can make water retention worse and you end up developing prominent under eye bags. To prevent water retention, you can improve your diet and take supplements.

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