8 Reasons You Feel Tired All the Time

By Priyanka Dixit

Hey readers,
Hope you all are taking precautions against this scorching heat! Many of us tend to feel tired all the time and we do not take it seriously just because it is not a disease. But, if you feel tired, lethargic or drained all the time, you need to take utmost care of yourself, and here are the reasons why this is happening!
8 Reasons You Feel Tired All the Time

1. You are dehydrated

We all are concerned about what to wear and what to eat, but how many of you are concerned about what to drink? This rising temperature is your biggest enemy. Apart from damaging your skin from the outside, heat sucks up all the water from your body. So, in order to keep yourself well hydrated and to feel fresh throughout the day, keep sipping fruit juices, coconut water, butter milk, glucose, and more importantly, plain water.

2. You are stressed

Everyone is stressed these days! The reasons might be social or personal but stress impacts everyone’s life. You cannot always control your stress, but you can control how you react. So, go for some calming exercises like meditation and breathing exercises. If your mind is calm and healthy, you feel happy, cheerful and fresh all the time.

3. Iron deficiency

The deficiency of iron is the worst culprit! This deficiency could be making you extremely tired and even ill. Lack of iron means lesser oxygen supply to your muscles and hence, this could even lead to anemia. So, wait no more and to fill your body with some much-needed boost of energy, munch on egg yolk, spinach, beans ,artichoke ,parsley,broccoli etc.

4. Hidden heart diseases

Heart patients often face sleeping disorders too and hence feel fatigued. Such patients feel troubles when it comes to breathing even while doing simple physical activities. Also, they are advised by the doctors to stay away from heavy physical activities. This vicious cycles leads to poor blood circulation and hence oxygen is not able to reach every part of their body. This, again, leads to fatigue and unexplained tired body.

5. You skip breakfast

healthy breakfast
Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, and we cannot emphasise enough. A simple but filling breakfast prepares your system for the day and helps your body to stay energetic, thanks to all those proteins, vitamins and other nutrients.

6. You are not exercising

When paired with chronic stress, your sedentary lifestyle affects your system badly. A stressful day at work cranks up your cortisol and blood glucose levels, triggering your knee jerk reaction to fight or flee. On the other hand, some simple workouts and exercising keeps you healthy. Apart from keeping your weight under check, exercising releases “happy hormones” and makes you feel happy and gay all through the day!

7. Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infection
Now, this one is not a surprising reason, is it? It usually occurs in women who are 40 or above. UTI can impact your health and drain all your energy in no time. So get it treated to feel yourself again.

8. Low B12

Our body requires Vitamin B12 to make red blood cells. For better development of neurons and to maintain a good level of oxygen in your body, don’t forget to add Vitamin B12 rich foods.

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