8 Side Effects of Hair Colouring Treatments Every Woman Should Know

Often, we opt for hair colouring treatments without even thinking about their side effects. Chemically treating your hair is a sensitive task as it needs utmost precautions and care. Similarly, hair colouring treatments use a strong dose of chemicals in these 4 steps:
• Washing.
• Conditioning.
• Colouring.
• Maintenance of coloured hair.
The chemicals used in these processes can cause various potential damages to your hair.

8 Side Effects of Hair Colouring Treatments Every Woman Should Know5

Here is the list to save you from them!

1. Excessive Dryness:

Whether it is about using a hair colour or a hair care product, we should always use the ones that complement our hair type. Using hair care products suitable for your hair type paves a way towards flaunting a healthy hair. But, a mismatched hair colouring treatment can cause:
• Excessive dryness of hair as well as the scalp.
• Breakage of hair strands.
• Susceptible hair.
• Excessive split ends.

8 Side Effects of Hair Colouring Treatments Every Woman Should Know1

2. Hair Loss:

Choosing a hair colouring treatment which is not suitable for your hair type leads to severe hair loss. The intensity of the hair loss varies from person to person. Hair loss has no end and once it starts, it is wise to treat all the possible reasons that cause it. Here is how hair colouring treatments can cause hair loss:
• Changes your hair texture.
• Affects the scalp.
• Impacts your hair growth.
• Damages the strength of your follicles.

8 Side Effects of Hair Colouring Treatments Every Woman Should Know3

3. Itchy Scalp:

More than often, we tend to forget that our scalp is also prone to the hair colouring treatments. The chemicals seep down into the roots which in turn damages the scalp. Choosing an inappropriate hair colouring treatment can damage your scalp in these many ways:
• Itching.
• Excessive redness.
• Seeping of chemicals into the pores.
• Irritation or flaking of skin.

8 Side Effects of Hair Colouring Treatments Every Woman Should Know7

4. Permanently Enlarged Pores:

It is one of the lesser-known damages caused by the hair colouring treatments. Hair care experts all across the globe consider this issue as a fatal damage. It is because many hair colouring treatments tend to provide a bleaching action on your hair. This is what happens during this process:
• Lightening of natural hair colour using bleaching agents.
• The chemicals seep down into the pores and enlarge them.
• The strength of chemicals leaves the pores open for a long time.
• Hair loses its strength.
• The follicles remain vulnerable for the years to come.

5. Swelling of the Face:

The chemicals used in the hair colouring process, not only affects your scalp and hair but, it also affects the surrounding areas such as your face and neck. As our facial skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body, it tends to catch various anomalies due to the effect of harsh chemicals. Here is a list of side-effects:
• Swelling of the face.
Discoloration of skin.
• Dry patches on the skin.
• Reddening of skin around your neck and forehead.

6. Permanent Loss of Lustre:

Once the natural shine is lost, it becomes almost impossible to recover it with any chemical treatment. Here is what you can do to preserve the natural lustre of your hair:
• Use hair colouring treatments that use mild chemicals.
• Opt for natural or organic ingredients.
• Prefer good quality treatments over inexpensive ones.
• Maintain proper hygiene.

8 Side Effects of Hair Colouring Treatments Every Woman Should Know8

7. Skin Allergy:

The effects of hair colouring treatments are not just limited to our hair but, they also affect our scalp, facial skin and neck. This is why many of us experience discomfort and inconvenience after a chemical treatment. Such allergies can vary from minor ones to severe ones. Here is a list of possible symptoms:
• Redness of skin.
• Itching.
• Dry flakes.
• Small blisters (in severe cases).
If you spot any of these symptoms on your skin, you should consult a dermatologist as soon as possible.

8. Discoloration of Hair:

Once you undergo a chemical-based hair colouring treatment, it becomes almost impossible for your hair to go back to its natural colour. This, in turn, leads to a cycle of colouring your hair over and over, making it prone to the exposure of harsh chemicals. Here is how it can harm your hair:
• Excessive chemical treatments weaken the hair.
• Causes permanent discolouration once the colour subsides.
• Makes one obligated towards hair colouring.

8 Side Effects of Hair Colouring Treatments Every Woman Should Know

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