8 Signs Your Partner is Truly Supportive of Your Goals

Hi, ladies!
Not every girl is lucky to have a partner who is truly supportive of her goals and passions in life. Look out for these signs if you want to know whether your partner is supportive of your goals or not!

8 Signs Your Partner is Truly Supportive of Your Goals

1. He trusts you

He will not call you every 5 minutes at work just to check what you are up to and who you are with at that moment. He knows you and is not threatened or worried about anything going on in your office.

2. He understands your schedule

He doesn’t make a fuss about your erratic schedule. Yes, you guys argue every now and then, but he also understands and supports your decisions when you have to cancel your plans because of work commitments.

3. He supports you like no one else

loving husband
There might be few persons in your life who don’t like you working at a high paying job and also don’t like your schedule. But, the guy in your life has always been supportive of your goals and has always stood by you, no matter what!

4. He is interested in the work you do

You can always talk to him about whatever is happening in your office. He always shows interest in everything that you say and never fails to provide valuable inputs.

5. He is not envious of your success

You might be earning more than him but he has never shown even the slightest sign of jealousy! He has always shown happiness and excitement when you have achieved your career goals.

6. He encourages you to strive

There are some bad moments at work when you just want to quit everything but he always motivates you to stay strong and work hard in achieving your goals. He never lets negativity affect you in any way.

7. He provides unbiased opinion when needed

Sometimes you may be stuck in the matters of office work and you just can’t decide what is right and what is wrong! At that time, you find solace in your partner because you know in your heart that he will give you his honest and unbiased opinions that will be of great help to you.

8. He always makes time for you

happy couple
He is out doing his own things but those things and matters never stop him to be with you whenever you need him the most. No matter how busy he might be, he always takes time out for his sweetheart, just like you do at times!

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  1. Wholeheartedly agree to every points mentioned Vandana… <3 could not have said it better than this; glad I have such man in my life as well. Like always brilliant post Vandana 🙂

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