8 Simple Skin Icing Tricks Every Woman Should Know

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Today, we would be talking about skin icing tricks which will help in providing you with a glowing and radiant skin. Skin icing is one of the ancient remedies that helps to benefit your skin in several ways. So, here are a few rules which you should always consider before using them on your skin.

8 Simple Skin Icing Tricks Every Woman Should Know5

Read on to know them.

1. Use the Right one:

You should always check the temperature of the ice as using an ice can help to shrink the pores and also gives you a fresh appearance. Using a melted ice or ice wrapped in a cloth may not give you the desired results. Use an ice which is completely frozen so that the high temperature helps to remove the dirt and debris from the face easily.

Skin Icing Tricks

2. Doubles up the Benefits:

You can double up the benefits of an ice cube by adding a flavour to it. For example, you can freeze some green tea water in the ice cubes and use them on your face. Another way to enjoy the maximum benefits of ice cubes is to freeze some lemon juice or strawberry juice in the ice tray. Using flavoured ice cubes help in providing additional benefits to your skin 🙂

8 Simple Skin Icing Tricks Every Woman Should Know3

3. Limit the Usage to Two Times in a Day:

According to skin experts, it is advised to use ice on your skin only for two times in a day. In fact, experts say that over icing your face can affect your skin in several ways as it directly affects the nerves on your skin. Follow a strict skincare routine by icing your skin once in the morning and once at night.

4. Concentrate Under the Eyes:

If you have puffy eyes or under eye circles, you should include ice in your beauty regime. No one wants to wake up with puffy eyes and hence, ice cubes should be used to treat this condition. The regular usage of ice on your under eye circles can help to prevent under eye bags and puffy skin.

8 Simple Skin Icing Tricks Every Woman Should Know4

5. Use Clean Hands:

While applying ice on your face, your hands should be clean. Our hands generally pick up a lot of bacteria which gets transferred to the face through the ice. Use a pair of rubber gloves as it helps to prevent the dirt accumulation in your pores. This helps in preventing acne, breakouts and clogged pores.

6. Press them Against the Skin:

If you often suffer from acne and pimples on the skin, you should use ice cubes for treating them. The cold temperature helps to slow down the ageing signs on the face and also eliminates the risk of acne and pimples. You should take an ice and press them over the acne. Wait for some time and do this process again. Pressing the acne with an ice can heal them soon.

8 Simple Skin Icing Tricks Every Woman Should Know

7. Wash your Face First:

One important icing technique you should keep in mind is to wash your face before applying it. Take an ice cube and apply it on the skin only after you have washed your face thoroughly. Another way to apply ice on the face is to wrap some ice inside a soft cloth and massage it in a circular direction for some time.

8 Simple Skin Icing Tricks Every Woman Should Know2

8. Follow with a Moisturiser:

According to experts, an excessive usage of ice on the face may leave your skin over dried and parched. In order to keep them hydrated, it is important to use a moisturiser after an ice massage. This prevents in dry and flaky looking skin.

8 Simple Skin Icing Tricks Every Woman Should Know1

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