8 Simple Ways To Style Your Hair Without Using Blow Dryer

Whether you are a career lass or a fashionista, maintaining your hair is what every lady wants. Perfect hair is the best sight to be seen which complements your personality. The most common agony of people styling their hair is the maintenance. Straight hair or styled curly hair usually has a short span which vanishes overnight. You always have a plan B with your hair because you actually don’t know how well they will stand by morning. If you want to style your hair, that too without using the monster machine (read blow dryer) again, here are a few tips to maintain the style your hair.

8 Simple Ways To Style Your Hair Without Using Blow Dryer

1. Wear a wet bun:  Many women with curly hair wear a wet bun overnight to cut down the morning frizz. Wet bun usually helps to maintain the curls overnight and also does not irritate your skin too. But do not opt for a clip or rubber band to tie the bun, use a scarf or a small piece of cloth that would ensure that your hair remains tied up a little loose and also in place.

2. Wear the hair spray:  You can wear the hair spray before you retire to bed. This will help to maintain the crunch in the hair and also increase the staying power of curls. No, it does not affect your hair but maintains the curls until you go for the next shower.

3. Part your hair and twist them:  Yes, the same way your beautician does before you get a haircut. Twisting your hair in small little sections will help you to get fairly lighter curls in the morning and you don’t need to restyle your hair again.

8 Simple Ways To Style Your Hair Without Using Blow Dryer

4. Plopping hair:  Plopping hair is putting your wet hair into a towel and twisting them till they have dried. Now, do you do this? Spray some hair spray over your wet hair and then plop your hair. Secure the corners of the towel behind your ears so that your curls are safe inside.

5. Washing hair with milk: Did you know that washing your hair with milk a night before can make your hair look straight the next day? All you need to do is to apply some milk with finger tips and then leave it for 30 minutes. Now, follow the normal procedure of washing your hair. You may use lemon to get rid of the milk smell.

6. Braids:  Braids help to maintain the curls overnight and also lets you keep your hair in place. Loose braids will maintain fairly rough curls, while little tight braids secured with rubber band helps to add more crimp and chunk to it.

8 Simple Ways To Style Your Hair Without Using Blow Dryer

7. Satin pillow cover:  Cotton pillow cover may lead to flat scalp, if you have not washed it that day. To avoid friction to hair while sleeping, use a satin or silk pillow cover. This will help to reduce frizz in the hair when you wake up in the morning.

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  1. I have heard so much about satin and silk pillow covers that I really need to get some for myself. I would like to wash my hair with milk and see how it turns out to be. 🙂

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