8 Smart Ways to Keep Common Foot Problems Away

By Srijita Poddar

Hi my lovely ladies,

How have you all been doing? Today I’m back with another skincare post and this involves taking care of the skin that we ignore the most, which is the skin on our feet. Our feet is the most important part of our body as it bears the weight of our whole body. It also catches attention when you wear sandals and open toed shoes. Therefore, it is important to give some tender love and care them to prevent painful corns, blisters and calluses and make them baby soft, smooth and beautiful.

Get the fit right

I think no other step will be as vital as this one to keep your feet free from all the three problems of corns, calluses as well as blisters. A shoe that fits right means that it is neither too tight nor too loose. Hence, it can spare the feet from getting uneven pressure. Since our feet naturally swell up during the course of the day, it is best to go shoe shopping at afternoon or night.

Avoid footwear that has a narrow toe box

A toe box is a place that surrounds your longest toe which may not necessarily be your large toe. Make sure that there is at least a half inch gap. This will prevent your toes from facing undue pressure or friction. Avoid wearing very pointy shoes on a regular basis and hence prevent blisters and corns which are mostly caused due to the rubbing and clamping.

Wear new shoes wisely

For most of us, the most common reason of getting blisters and calluses is when we wear new shoes. Therefore it is time to be wise about it. The reason new shoes cause friction and pressure is because your feet isn’t used to the new pressure points. Therefore it is important to break into them slowly. Wear them for shorter time spans and shorter distances before using them full time.

Get into a daily foot care routine

Always remember that a clean foot is the first step to baby soft and smooth foot. Therefore, wash your feet with soap and water regularly and don’t forget to use a scrubbing brush. Make it a habit of applying a foot cream at night and wear cotton socks for the ultimate hydration of your feet.

Make exfoliators and pumice stones your best friends

Right from the definition of corns and blisters, you can gather that dead skin and dry skin are the biggest thorns in your path to baby soft feet. Therefore exfoliators are your key to success. Keep your pumice stone handy and sand away your dead skin and callouses. Doing this will eliminate your chances of getting problematic feet.

Keep alternating your closed shoes

If you are into running or any sports activity that makes you wear closed shoes daily, make sure to alternate shoes. Not only will it lead to better maintenance, it will also not allow the pressure to be created on the same point repeatedly. Hence, it will prevent blisters from occurring.

Buy insoles for that painful but gorgeous pair of heels

How many times does it happen, that you have that gorgeous pair of heels which makes you the star in the party but once you return home your feet is filled with red and blue-black blisters? Fret not, because neoprene insoles will become your saviour. Heels cause corns and blisters because of the undue pressure on the toes due to elevated heel. Therefore buy cushioned insoles for all those uncomfortable gorgeous pairs of heels and dance away into the night.

Keep lubricating and hydrating your feet

The last and the most important step is to keep your feet lubricated and hydrated to not have dry chafed and chapped dead skin on your feet. For this, buy a heavy moisturising foot cream instead of using your regular lotion. Also, apply petroleum jelly overnight on the dry areas.

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