8 Smart Ways to Soothe an Unhealthy Scalp

By Priyanka Dixit

Hot weather brings a lot of skin and hair issues with it. One such problem is unhealthy scalp. If we do not take good care of our scalp, it tends to become irritated, patchy, dry or oily. So, keep reading to find out the tips to soothe your scalp as per your hair issue.
8 Smart Ways to Soothe an Unhealthy Scalp

1. Dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem. Sometimes it gets so embarrassing that people avoid public areas. This dandruff is a major cause of hair loss and can make your scalp inflamed. There are many dandruff shampoos and DIYs you can try to cure it.

2. Yeast

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Dandruff often leads to yeast on the scalp. Yeast can be cured by using prescription strength creams, pills, anti-yeast shampoos like shampoos containing salicylic acid, sulfur and cortisone creams. Such products can help you to control inflammation. Do not use excess amount of shampoos that promise to fight against dandruff as it might irritate your scalp.

3. Red scalp with crusty patches

Psoriasis appears like red plaques that are hard to disguise. You can try cortisone, retin-a and vitamin D creams since they normalize cell production. Use a mild exfoliating shampoo a few times per week also. The best you can do is not touch your scalp with your nails.

4. Be careful with hair colour, dyes and relaxers

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Whether you highlight your hair with colour, use dyes to cover your greys or use a lot of hot tools, your scalp can get burned. In some cases, these can cause severe allergic reactions too. If you do choose to use dyes or any relaxers like hair straighteners or curlers at home, make sure you read the instructions well. Always take a patch test before using new products, especially if you have sensitive skin. You can apply some petroleum jelly to your scalp before applying color.

5. Scalp burning and irritation

Some people face the issue of oily scalp even if they wash their hair daily. This might lead to scalp and hair damage in the long run. When you wash your hair with a sulfate-rich shampoo, your hair gets ripped of natural moisture, leading to excess oil production. Hence, allow your scalp to regulate its oil production by switching to SLS-free and natural products. Instead of washing hair every single day with shampoo, wash hair just with water.

6. Massage your head and scalp

Massage is a great technique to make your scalp healthy. It nourishes the scalp and prevents many problems before they occur. Massage techniques are helpful for good blood circulation. It unclogs the pores and promotes hair growth.

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7. Ample sun protection

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To prevent your scalp from further damage and to soothe your already irritated scalp, make sure you keep your scalp protected. Keep your hair and scalp covered with a scarf or a hat whenever you go out.

8. Healthy eating

Go for healthy eating and add green vegetables and dairy products to your diet. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself well hydrated all the time. This will promote the overall health of your skin and hair.

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