8 Strange Beauty Trends That Have Gained a Lot of Attention!

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We all talk about and admire beautiful things. Let’s talk about some weird and strange beauty and fashion trends today that have gained a lot of attention. Few of them are really bizarre!

1. Feather eyelashes: This covers applying a thick smudged eye liner along with weird, feathery false eyelashes. This look was supposed to be chic but it rather appears devilish!

Strange Beauty and fashion trends that have gained a lot of attention-eyelash

2. Silver or white bangs: I think going totally overboard with your hair color and colouring them white or silver makes you look old instead of glamorous.

3. Fake braces: Earlier braces used to be an embarrassing thing to sport. However, now fake braces are an in thing and people find them quite cool.

4. Metallic lips: This is one thing that amazed me! Instead of beautiful hue of shades ranging from pinks, reds to violet and plums, some fashion freaks like to paint their colors with odd colors like metallic silver.

Strange Beauty and fashion trends that have gained a lot of attention-lips

5. Vampire facials: We all have heard about facials using gels, clay and even bird poop. But using your own blood for facial is the scariest and weirdest thing I’ve heard about.

6. No brows: Thinking about waxing your eyebrows is another rage these days which literally made me jump from my chair with pain! People these days prefer waxing their brows off and drawing fake brows with colored pens.

7. Bubble nails: This is a new trending nail style getting popular. A variety of bubble nails are available which actually look like your nails have swelled up!

Strange Beauty and fashion trends that have gained a lot of attention-bubble

8. Glittery hair: Applying glitter and sparkle to your hair and roots is a new hair trend. I am still thinking how easy it is to take that glitter off your hair!

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