8 Style Lessons to Learn from Victoria Beckham

“It is my passion to make women feel empowered, beautiful and confident.”

This quote by Victoria Beckham simply predicts her outlook towards fashion. Moreover, we can have an idea about her astonishing fashion sense by her public appearances. Victoria has mesmerized her fans with her singing and modeling. Later, she dived into fashion designing and now the diva in her early 40s is a successful and renowned businesswoman. The mother of four is popularly known for her ravishing style statement and some specified clothing rules which I am going to share in this post.

Victoria Beckham

1. Look for variety shopping – shopping can be considered as the mirror of your basic style sense. Victoria Beckham loves to shop from the various countries of the world. If you want to bring the versatility in your style, shop from numerous places so that you can have a variety of designs. Thanks to the trend of online shopping, we can buy anything from all over the world while sitting at home.

plaid coat
2. Get inspiration from different style eras – ‘old is gold’ and this multi-talented diva understands this very well. I guess this is the reason why she keeps embracing the fashion ethics from different eras. The accessories from 50s and 60s, apparels from 70s and makeup from different timespans have been remarked as perennial trends. So, women should keep grabbing the inspiration from retro styles and recreate the allurement of mix-and-match tactics.

3. Classy pieces of accessories – in this point, ‘classy’ is referred to as something actually special. Instead of splurging in a dump of useless and tacky accessories, look for quality pieces. Sunglasses from Ray-Ban, handbag from Chanel, footwear from Van Heusen are far better than the loads of random accessories stuck everywhere in your room. She always prefers quality over quantity which is sometimes denied by women.
casual style

4. Visualize the look you want to carry – ransacking the entire wardrobe and continuously throwing all the stuff on your bed is just not a good idea. Before getting ready, visualize the look you are willing to carry on that specific day. In this way, you will be able to recognize what exactly you want to look like. In your visualization, you will consider a color of the outfit, accessories and most probably hairdo and makeup.

5. Own a collection of timeless pieces – I have already stated in a point mentioned above; some trends are evergreen and you can use them to again recreate the magic whenever you want. LBD, sheath dress, leather pants/jackets, neutral shaded stilettos etc are the most common examples of such timeless pieces which must be present in your closet.
Victoria Beckham in suit

6. Keep some fail-safe options in your closet – you have a top or dress with a plunging neckline and you are not too confident to wear it; take a scarf and cover it well. Similarly, a jumper dress will help you to cover stomach bloating efficiently.

7. Customize and create your own look – any sort of sameness in style ruins the fun of fashion. For example, instead of wearing a baggy t-shirt in a regular way, tear/cut it from one side of the hemline and make a knot. You are all set to rock a baggy t-shirt without any harsh attempts.

8. Never reveal too much of body at once – every woman wants to look sexy but it does not mean too much skin show. Revealing cleavage and legs at once is not worth, so make sure to wear either a deep-neck or a thigh-slit at one time.

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