8 Super Romantic Things To Do If You Are Celebrating an At-Home Valentine’s Day

O yaasss! Finally, it’s Valentine’s Day! That time of the year when everyone gets so cheesy and love is in the air! It’s the perfect day to plan a perfect date for your beloved and make him/her feel special. If you don’t have plans to go out, worry not! We have got you sorted with some romantic ideas to splurge this day full of love and fun. Make it special and comfortable while you are at home. You can spend a romantic day together without breaking the bank and since many restaurants and theaters are overcrowded and overpriced because of Valentine’s, you’ll avoid the crowds, and increase the intimacy at home.

Super Romantic Things To Do If You Are Celebrating an At-Home Valentine’s Day

1.  Bring breakfast in bed:  Prepare breakfast just the way your partner likes it. Old classic idea which literally works every time. Some strawberries mixed with fresh yogurt, pancakes, toast, fresh fruits, cinnamon buns, whatever. Then, surprise your partner by making a beautiful breakfast table surrounded by flowers and serve it in bed. Great way to start the day and feeling loved.

Breakfast in bed

2.  Write love notes and stick them at the places where you know your partner will go:  It requires a little effort, but I am sure this plan never fails. Stick some short little love notes in your partner’s wardrobe, workstation, washroom mirror and wherever your partner is supposed to go. It will cozy up all the memories making it so special and personal.

Love notes

3.  A home spa never fails:  Sprinkle roses in the bath tub and lay some beautiful-smelling products for a bubble bath. Play soft music and enjoy this romantic gesture.

rati beauty ad

Rose petals

4.  Giving time is the most romantic gesture:  Time is the most precious thing. Take a day off from work and spend every second together. Talk about love, dreams and future plans and spend romantic time together.

5.  Use fabric paint to create a pillowcase:  Bring some acrylic colors and paint a pillowcase to create some beautiful memories. It will always remind you of this day and love memories.

6.  Buy a little valentine gift:  As per the pocket allows, you can buy a little valentine gift for your partner which is sure shot going to bring a smile on his/her face. Present it in a special way.

Rose gold pendant

7.  Prepare a special Valentine’s Day meal at home:  You can set the place with beautiful-smelling candles and cook an amazing dinner and enjoy red wine at your place. Settle in for some delicious home-cooked food and create a perfect ambience with lights and flowers and candles. Do not forget desserts. You both can bake a yummy cake at home and decorate it the way you want; will definitely be a special memory!

8.  Whip up some cocktails:  Set fire, play your favourite movie and make some cocktails at home for the night full of love and fun.

Romantic cocktails

We’d love to send you ideas to help you feel extra special about this day. Make sure to acknowledge the efforts your partner made and be thankful. Have an amazing Valentine’s everyone!

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