8 Superb Tricks to Look Great in Photos

Hello my beloved ladies!
Often it happens (it definitely happens with me a lottt), that we are decked up for a party and we look pretty in mirrors. But then, the photos become a cause of your nightmare. Yes, this is a common occurrence, with just change in your makeup, pose and background you can capture some amazing shots. Read on to know this superb tricks to look great in photos.


1. Blink away:

Do you belong to the category of people, who have their eyes closed in almost all the photographs? It’s just a matter of timely blinking. Let me tell a simple trick; Keep your eyes closed a few seconds before the photo is shot, blink a couple of times and then open them right before the click. You won’t sulk over your closed eyes photos anymore!

2. Learn by trial and error:


Take multiple photos and find your ‘good side’ or an angle that looks flattering. Find a pose or angle, that makes you look slimmer, elongates your legs or hides your double chin. This will take some efforts, but you will be grateful for the time you invested.

3. Add an extra element:


More often, posing empty handed, gives an unbalanced look. Why don’t you hold your clutch or envelope bag or any prop to add some element to your photos?

4. Makeup must be right:


I can’t stress enough on the power of right shade and blending. To avoid looking like a ghost in your photos, make sure your makeup especially concealer and foundation match your skin tone. Too dark or light makeup looks ghastly in photos. Also, keep blending for a seamless finish. Don’t forget your earlobes and neck for face makeup.

5. Add color to your look:

To avoid looking flat in photos, rely on a blush and a flattering lipstick. A warm lipstick especially terracotta and maroon looks beautiful in photos of our ladies. For those with pale complexion, a rosy pink or mauve color will look very nice. A slight flush on your cheeks will add life to your look.


6. Flip your hair:

If you haven’t touched up your hair and fear that your hair looks not-so-perfect, then fret not. Just turn your head upside down with all your hair falling down and then back up again. This trick can be carried out in a jiffy and it adds volume to your hair instantly.

7. No more red eye:

Afraid that your night-out party will have terrifying red-eyed photos? Say bye-bye to red eyes with this simple trick. Look at a source of light. This will inevitably shrink your pupils and in turn reduce chances of red eyes.

8. Smile naturally:

A smile immediately brightens up your face and gives a beautiful moment. But, if you plaster a fake smile, it becomes quite evident. The best way is to have a light moment with the people around you and let the photographer capture your radiant smile.

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  1. Flip your hair – my younger sister swears by this one, I tell you and it does create a lot of difference. I loved the tips. Will make her read all of these. :-*

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