8 Surprising Reasons and Facts on Why You May Not Be Losing the Desired Weight

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Ever wondered after spending hours in the gym classes or dance classes, dieting and eating healthy food and still you are not achieving your dream weight! Let me tell you the hidden reasons behind your weight loss journey not being successful.

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Always Doing the Same Workout

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You started your workout and a certain exercise really helped you lose weight. But after sometime that exercise is not really working for you like the way it did earlier, the reason is that our muscles have memory too. They get used to your routine and don’t work as hard as before so you end up burning fewer calories. So, change your exercise routine and incorporate different exercise in it.

Distracted Eating

distracted eating

You are watching TV and eating mindless portions of food or you are on your laptop and having your lunch side by side. These are the classic examples of mindless and distracted eating when you don’t even realise how much you have eaten. Make meal times your special times when you focus on food and let other things wait!

Lack of sleep

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6-8 hours is the adequate amount of sleep that one should get. If you are not getting a full night’s sleep then chances are you might be binging on snacks at night time. This result in weight gain as you crave more food at night time especially something unhealthy.

Your body’s missing certain nutrients

If our body has deficiency of nutrients like vitamin-D, iron or magnesium then this result in the lowering of our metabolism rate. If our metabolism is decreased then it becomes harder for our body to lose weight. This result in lower energy levels of our body and this also mean our body craves caffeine or sweets which result in further weight gain.

Sedentary lifestyle

You may be watching what you are eating but is living a sedentary or lazy lifestyle then most likely you will not be able to lose much weight. Right exercising with balanced eating result in weight loss. Just exercising and not eating right or eating right and not exercising will not get you anywhere.

Starving your body

Sudden starvation mode means ending up saving more calories than burning them. It also means that starving your body results in weight gain and not weight loss. So, all those fad diets will not work. You need to have proper food at proper time intervals to ensure that you have a healthy weight loss.

Artificial Sweeteners


They are sold to us stating that they negate the need of real sugar and save us from too many calories but that is not entirely true. Artificially sweetened foods stimulate your appetite, increase the cravings for carbs and also stimulate fat storage which ultimately results in weight gain.



If you are on birth control pills, anti-depressant medications, hormonal pills or steroids then this may be the reason your body is gaining weight or you are not losing enough weight. Some of these medications affect our appetite and metabolism levels.

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  1. The last reason is the main reason why I am not losing much weight. I have pcos and have to be on OCPs, which hinder with weight. Very useful post.

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