8 Things About Men That Women Would Never Understand

Hi ladies,
There are some things that we can never understand about the lovable people in our lives, “the guys”. That could be your brother, your father, a friend or your spouse. Let’s find out about them a little more!

8 Things About Men That Women Would Never Understand

1. Why can’t they ask for directions?

Are they born with natural GPS in them? They never feel that there is a need to ask for directions. He knows it all he claims! Even if a guy is circling in lanes, he still won’t think that he is lost because you know the GPS will activate from within and enlighten him about his destination.

2. Why do they behave like a toddler when they fall sick?

when men are sick
When I say sick I mean the very casual cough and cold! All hell breaks loose when they get a runny nose. All they want is to get pampered and the world at feet to take care of them. They will throw tantrums like kids and will crave for your attention throughout the “sickness”.

3. Why do they go into a shell when they are hurt?

I have not known many guys who talk about their feelings openly. They just shut themselves off from you when they are hurt. You will ask numerous times about what is bothering them but they just won’t budge! No matter how much you will pester him, there will be not many times when he will express his thoughts.

4. Why can’t they just find anything in the wardrobe?

That shirt he is looking for might be in front of his eyes but he will still be shouting, “Where is my shirt?” He just won’t be able to see it without your help. Men are known to be selective listeners but some of them can also be selective about the things that they see!

5. Why does shopping seem like a chore to them?

when on shopping
While you are happily browsing the corners of your favourite clothing store, he is standing around in a corner or walking behind you with no trace of joy whatsoever. He is just hoping that you will have some mercy on him and he can quickly dump all the shopping bags into the car and you all can just go home peacefully. Shopping is literally a chore to most of them unlike us ladies!

6. Why do they need to watch every sporting event?

The lovely guy in our life cannot do without shuffling channels and watching every sporting event on TV from tennis, badminton, basketball, football to cricket. He just has to see them all!

7. Why do they get awkward when the word ‘period’ is mentioned?

Most of them are really awkward around anything surrounding the word “period”. They live in their own little world and this thing just doesn’t exist for them. You mention the word period and they just get really uncomfortable around you.

8. Why can’t they multitask?

Guys can easily be distracted and they can’t multitask unlike us ladies! We can do 10 things at a single time but you give your guy 2 and he will surely mess one of them and forget about the another one!

P.S. This is just a generalised version of guys, your guy might be perfect but he is bound to show at least 2-3 of these qualities at some point of your life 😛

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2 thoughts on “8 Things About Men That Women Would Never Understand

  1. Spot on vandana 🙂 fullt agree to all of these points 😀 especially that multitasking and behaving like toddler when they fall sick.. I swear my hubby behaves excatly like our lil gal, in fact my 4 year old toddler is much stronger wen it comes to getting sick or cough but her dad he will want me to look after him like a baby all the time 😀 really truthful and fun post 🙂

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