8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Dating Before 25

By Pallavi Mahendra

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I’m strong, stable and independent said every woman always. But deep down we need someone to take care of us, pamper us, and be there with us. When we are young, we love the feeling of being in love! I want to date someone but being betrayed in the past has led me to stop trusting men. I’m confident each one of you has been through the breakup phase and taken some drastic decisions which were helpful till some point but not entirely. It’s time we stop repeating the mistakes from the past. So here are some tips to help you.

8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Dating Before 25

1. Online dating doesn’t mean you are a loser

online dating
I used to think that people who aren’t capable of impressing others in person go for online dating. Moreover, I used to find it lame, but lately I realized that the ways through which you come across men is either through friends or through work. Once you’re not meeting men through these mediums, it gets difficult to find singles, let alone a single whose right for you. Trying online dating doesn’t make you a certain “kind” of person.

2. First dates should always be coffee/drinks

drinks on date
In case he’s terrible, you can escape faster. You can always make an excuse if the guy doesn’t turn out to be the way you had expected. Ask your friend to call you after first 15 minutes just to be on the safer side.

3. You can’t create a spark when there is none

A guy could be super sweet and romantic but if he doesn’t get your nerve going or you don’t get goose bumps when he touches you, then he isn’t the one sister. Never try to force yourself to feel things; you might feel them now but in the long run it won’t work out.

4. Dump the guy who leaves you feeling horrible about yourself

bad date
I’ve been here a lot. My ex used to do it to me all the time. If you want stability in your life then this kind of a guy can’t give you that. Dump him before he dumps you and hurts your ego. He is so not worth it.

5. Be clear of what you really want

Sometimes the default mindset for single girls is to be in a relationship, but being happy with your own self is the first step to be happy with someone else. If you feel lonely all the time, then it’s you who needs to work on yourself; getting a boyfriend will only complicate things.

6. Sisters before misters

This is one mistake we women always do. We give so much importance to our respective boyfriends that we tend to forget about our best friend, but believe me ladies the guy will leave you at some point or hurt you, but it will be your best buddy by your side even when he’s gone, unless of course you’re engaged or married.

7. Your life can change within minutes

There is nothing more gratifying than sitting down and instantly knowing that the person you’re sitting with will be your man, or at least knowing that you may have found a new best friend if not your future husband.

8. Do not rush into things

Everything might be going exactly like the dream initially. So if you don’t want to get really hurt later on, it’s best if you get to know each other as much as you can before taking things to the next level. It is very important that you see how he behaves around your friends and family and how he treats you in order to know the real him.

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