8 Things You Should Never Think of Sharing with Anyone

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We often like to copy our bestie’s style by borrowing their clothes or using their makeup, a phenomenon often referred to as “twinning”. However, people should be aware about the products that they should never share, even if they seem harmless and clean. So, here are some of those things:

8 Things You Should Never Think of Sharing with Anyone

1. Personal Care Items

This is the most obvious category, and one that is often overlooked. Personal care items include toothbrushes, tweezers, nail clippers, dental floss, razors – all items that are used specifically to clean different body parts or remove hair or nails directly. As these items can easily draw blood, any residual blood can attract microorganisms from the surroundings. A loofah should not be shared even after it has been washed. These items may contain residual skin cells or dirt that are prone to harboring bacteria.

2. Makeup

Makeup kit

We love sharing our makeup and borrowing the same from others. But, makeup items that have applicators coming into direct contact with the skin must not be used at all. Eye products like kajals, eyeliners and mascaras should be personal items as these can cause unwanted infections and skin irritations. Avoid sharing lip pencils and lipsticks too as bacteria can transfer from the lipstick onto the lips if a person has used it while having an infection.

3. Skincare

Ensure that you always use your creams, especially the ones which are in a tub or jar form, after washing hands. Even more so, avoid sharing these products as contaminated hands can transfer bacteria into the creams that can easily feed on the active ingredients. Certain fungal infections are common among people who share skincare products like lip balms.

4. Clothes

Spa towels

Another obvious category, avoid sharing clothing items that come into direct contact with skin, such as underwear, towels, socks, and gloves. Towels and socks should especially be avoided as they tend to become damp, allowing all sorts of bacteria to grow on it. As soon as these items come into contact with an unaffected individual, they transfer to that host. Underwear should not be shared at any cost, even after washing them.

5. Earphones

Earphones are something that we often share without thinking. We may want to watch a video with our friends and share earbuds. Unfortunately, used earphones may contain bacteria, and they get an easy passage into a person’s ear. Fungal infections are also common. Q-tips and headphones are in the same category.

6. Hair Products and Items

Hairdressing tools on wooden background with copy space at top

Head lice is a very common problem as they get easily transported and multiply very fast. Avoid using somebody else’s comb or brush. Pillows are the most common media of transfer for head lice. Hats and helmets should also not be shared as they may become damp due to sweat and attract germs.

7. Jewelry

We love borrowing small trinkets from our friends when we have important events or family functions. However, care must be taken while using these items as they can easily harbor microbes. Jewelry like earrings should be avoided at all costs. Toe rings also carry a risk of infection.

8. Shoes

High heel boots

Another category that we often share is closed shoes such as boots, rain boots, sneakers which should be avoided. These items aren’t cleaned very often, and it is easy for microbes to form a colony inside them. Flip flops should be avoided as well, especially on the beach or after showers as they become damp. The moisture traps bacteria that remains on them even after they are dry. So, try to bring your own flip flops to the beach.

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