8 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Sports Bra

A sports bra is a necessity for almost all sports-related activities. No matter what bust size you have, you ought to have one in proper size. A good sports bra can reduce the bust movement by more than 50% and also prevent sagging and drooping of breasts. Here are some tips for you to buy a perfect one.

8 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Sports Bra

1. Know the basics
There are generally three kinds of sports bras: compression, encapsulated and combination. Compression bras press the breasts against your chest and are ideal for small cup sizes. Encapsulation sports bras come with individual cups that provide extra support and are ideal for larg-breasted women. Combination bras give you the best of both worlds by minimizing breasts with inner support cups to encapsulate and an outer layer to compress the breasts.

2. Invest in a low-impact sports bra
low impact bra
Not every activity that you do requires a high impact bra. For activities like yoga and Pilates, you can opt for low impact ones which are made of lighter materials. High impact bras are ideal for running, jumping or gymming.

3. Know moisture wicking
moisture wicking fabric
This word means the ability of a fabric to pull sweat off of your skin and release it to the outside of the garment for easy evaporation. A good sports bra keeps you dry during all your workout sessions. So look for moisture absorbing fabrics to make sure you are not drenched in your sweat all through your session.

4. Check the straps
To check the straps, you need to hold the top of any one strap and the centre of corresponding cup to that strap. Now you need to pull! The less stretchy the front straps, the more motion control they’ll provide.
check straps

5. Check band and side panels
You can also check the band of the bra whether it is the right size or not by sliding your finger under the band between your breasts and then pulling. If you are able to pull it more than an inch from your chest then you need to pick the smaller size.

6. Go for pretty colours
bright color
Workouts can easily get mundane and boring. Pick out gym wear in fun and frolic colours that will catch your fancy and will motivate you to work harder.

7. Look for the proper fit
This is absolutely crucial while looking for a sports bra. A sports bra feels just a little tighter than your regular bra. But if it feels too tight and you can’t breathe, try a different size! The fit of a sports bra should be smooth and the straps should not be digging into your shoulders.

8. Test your movement in the trial room
Try a few jumping jacks while you are in the trial room. If your chest moves too much, don’t buy the bra!

perfect fit

How to make your sports bra last?
1. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach for your sports bra. Handwash the bra in cold water with mild detergent. Using hot or warm water can break down the spandex in your bra.
2. The elastic in the bra band gets stretched out when the bra is worn all day long, and it takes time to recover from that stretching. If you don’t want to replace your bras more often than necessary, try rotating your bras every day, giving the band time to rest between uses.

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5 thoughts on “8 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Sports Bra

  1. Sports bras are very crucial for everyone. I ensure I buy mine only from reputed brands, and opt for high impact as I don’t like any movement during workout. 😀

  2. really helpful post 🙂 i have recently started gymming and i have fuller bust (38C). Currently i am using jockey , but it does do much with the support while running jumping and other activities. Can anyone suggest me really good brand/brands which will keep my bust in the bra! thanks!

  3. Nice article, i am actually planning to buy high impact sports bra’s. Could you suggest which brands should i look for and where in delhi. All i could search for was enell sports bra’s which can be ordered online from uk.

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