8 Things You should Know before You get Your Lips Tattooed

If you are a girl with thin lips, lip tattoos are your dream come true! A lip tattoo can give your lips a fuller appearance and can also make your lip lines less prominent. These lip tattoos are available in two forms: temporary and permanent. Most of the women prefer to go for temporary ones since they are cheaper and require lesser commitment. But, before you too get tempted to try this trend out, here are a few things you must know.

8 Things You should Know before You get Your Lips Tattooed

Nothing lasts forever

It has been widely observed that even the permanent lip tattoos do not last forever. Have you observed how fast our skin heals? So the inner lip tattoos also, after some time, return to their normal look and shape. That is why I highly advise going for the temporary ones.

Frequent touch-ups are not healthy

The skin around your lip area is very sensitive. It is extremely thin and prone to infections. And once you get your lip tattooed, it is much more exposed to infections. Thus, the chances of infections increase like anything during your upcoming sessions.

Things You should Know before You get Your Lips Tattooed

Choose the parlour wisely

Since the lip tattoo is still a new concept, not many parlours offer expert services. Also since it is about your lips and you’d be looking at them everyday, make sure you practice caution and choose the parlour with care.

Preparation before the actual session

You need to take good care of your lips and mouth before the session. So be careful and follow a good regime that your aesthetician recommends. In most cases, they recommend to use an anti- infection mouthwash before the session.

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Aftercare is the key

After getting your lip tattooed, read the care sheet twice and don’t forget to get it clarified from the parlour before leaving it. In a majority of cases, it has been observed that infections and many other kind of complications disrupt the entire process.

No pleasure

This is a fun point! You need to abstain from kissing for around a month or so. This will make sure that your lips get enough time to heal and that you do not end up catching infections.

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It hurts

Yes there is some pain involved. Whether you’re going for a temporary tattoo or a permanent one, you’ll experience some pain.

Try to get the colour closest to your actual lip colour

This is a very difficult part but give it your best shot. Take time and practice care while selecting the color. Try to see the color under different lightings and from different angles so that you know what you are going for.

So this was all the GYAAN from my side. Hope you like it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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